Knowledge of what it takes to set up a good web site and obtain a high search engine ranking on Google is a critical to your success. While using backlinks from business web directories are just one element of your search engine rank, it’s still an important one and one that is easy to begin working.

Backlink Diagram made Simple

There are two main goals in using business web directories. First and foremost, these business web directories help you obtain visitors who are interested in buying your product or service.

More often than not, these types of visitors have some idea of what you will offer them and are called “qualified” because you have something they want. Secondly, backlinks from business web directories help to improve your search engine rank on Google.

Good backlinks that originate from a high page rank (called “PR’) site will cause your rank to go up as well. Typically, the higher the page rank, the more popular and credible the site is considered to be.


Why Use Backlinks?

Backlinks from business web directories are a great way to boost website traffic naturally. When other sites that have a high Google page rank (PR7-8+) link to your site, the benefit is instant credibility. The result is that your page rank increases pushing you further and further up the index of web pages on a search engine. Natural website traffic comes in as a result of your site showing up within the first few pages in a search. Another avenue of website traffic occurs when related sites promote your site (through the backlink) sending traffic your way.

Three Strategies for Using Backlinks from Business Web Directories

1) Directory submission marketing

Submit your link to business web directories. Not all directories are worth the time (if they’re free) or the money (if they’re a paid site). You’ll want to use trusted sites that provide a sizable return for your effort. Here are a few of the best sites to use: The Directory Archive, Dmoz,, and Best Web Directories.

2) Post a comment on a related blog site

Business web directories are full of sites that are related to yours. Find which ones are similar or related to yours and start commenting on their blog posts. Comment regularly with meaningful responses and become a part of the community.

3) Submit articles to directories.

Submitting articles is one of the most effective ways to obtain backlinks from business web directories. Write an article about a topic relevant to your business. Include anchor text with a link to your site and submit to the directory. Links from these sites enhance your credibility because it shows you’re a knowledgeable expert of your product or service. Examples of article directories include EzineArticles or GoArticles. Along the same lines, you might also consider sending out a press release about your product, service or business in general to sites like PRWeb or PRLeap.

Free vs. Paid Backlink Sites

The greatest benefit that paid business web directories offer is time savings. Paid backlinks from business web directories will do one or both of two things. For a fee, they’ll do the directory submissions for you. Paid business web directories may also review your site and provide you with a list of relevant sites that you could potentially submit a link to. Any work that you don’t have to do yourself will save you time.

The advantage of a free business web directory is that it’s free. Just submit your link with some written anchor text explaining what your business is about and your backlink is established. Repeat this a few hundred times and you just might begin to get some good traffic flow. The drawback to using a free business web directory is that it is free. There can be lots of competition depending upon your business category so be prepared to be number 299 of 300 other links trying to get the same traffic as you.

Obtaining backlinks from business web directories are a necessary step towards building a solid website that has good traffic flowing to it. Use these directories and bring in qualified visitors to your site and improve your search engine page rank.


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