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Paid Blog Services Vs Free Blog Services

Paid Blog Services vs. Free Blog Services?

Green bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike are faced with this question. Most people make a big deal out of trying to figure out this question. However, it is actually a rather simple question to answer.

  • Start by asking yourself some simple questions:
  • Do you need to keep a record of traffic data?
  • Do you need a unique blog template, or will a generic one do?
  • Does your blog need to look professional?
  • How much control do you want to have over your blog?
  • Are you trying to brand your blog, start a business, vent personal feelings, provide a free service, or etc..? In other words, what are your goals for the blog?
  • Do you want to make money from your blog?
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Now that you have the answers to these questions in mind, you can decide for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of paid blog services vs. free blog services. Here are some basic advantages and disadvantages for each type of blog service:Paid blog services are also known as paid hosting, paid domain, web hosting plans, etc.

Disadvantages Of Paid Blog Services:

  1. Obviously, you must pay for this service. The price will vary per hosting plan. Some start as cheap as $4.00 dollars a month. If your blog has really high traffic, then you may pay around $150.00 dollars a month. Domain names start around $9.00 dollars, and are renewed each year.
  2. Paid blog services are slightly more complicated to set up than free blog services. But, nothing that the average blogger with intermediate computer knowledge can not learn how to do.

Advantages Of Paid Blog Services:

  1. You can pick your own domain name. This is vital for SEO purposes and branding. Your domain name can match your blog; this not only gives the blog a professional look, but it is also much easier for visitors to remember. Your domain name will look like- sitename.com.
  2. You will have full control over design. You can choose any design template. If you have web design knowledge, you can design your blog from scratch, give it a custom look, and add a flare of uniqueness. Every detail is under your control.
  3. There is an abundance of tools that you can choose to add to your site.
  4. The paid service blog will generally have an unlimited amount of space.
  5. Most paid blog services offer a means to track traffic. You can see how many people are hitting your blog, where they come from, etc..
  6. There is not a limit/ ban on money making techniques. You can place as many ads, pop ups, etc.. as you choose. Likewise, there isn’t any ads on your blog that you are not profiting from.
  7. Most paid blog services offer expedient 24/7 customer service and guaranteed upkeep.
  8. You are the only person that can delete and publish your blogs content- unless you allow someone else that access.
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Disadvantages Of Free Blog Services:

  1. There is a limited amount of templates. Most free blog services only have a handful of very generic template options. You will not have the ability to personalize your blog.
  2. Tools are very limited.
  3. You do not own, or lease the blog space. Instead, you are more like a visitor. All of the traffic that the blog generates will mostly benefit the free blog site, not you.
  4. The owner of the free blog space can place any number of random ads on your blog without your consent.
  5. The owner of the free blog space can accidentally, or purposefully, delete your blog. If the free blog space goes out of business, you will most likely lose all of your work.
  6. Most free blog spaces will not even allow you to place an ad on your blog. The few that do allow the blogger to place ads, only allow it in moderation. They can also yank the ad at any time.
  7. The free service offer will often mean that there is little, or no, customer support. If you run into a glitch, your blog can be shut down for days or weeks. There may also be downtime if the sites itself has a problem. There isn’t any guarantee that the site will even fix the problem. Then, you have lost your entire blog.
  8. There is generally very limited space. You will only have room for two or three pages, before your blog runs out of room.
  9. It is difficult to brand and SEO with the free blog domain name. Your domain name will look like- you.freeblogsite.com

Advantages Of Free Blog Services:

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  1. Obviously, it is free.
  2. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and pick a template. You can begin to blog in a matter of 10 minutes.
  3. It is easy; even the most novice computer user can set up a free blog.
  4. It can be an ideal option for those that are not looking to brand, make money, or use as a business blog.
  5. The burden of hosting is placed on the server, not you.
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So, there you have the basic paid blog services vs. free blog services facts. Really, what it comes down to is: why you are blogging, what you expect to get out of it, and how much time you are willing to devote to developing the blog? There isn’t a one size fit all option. You are the only person that can evaluate your blog needs, and decide- paid blog service or free blog service?


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