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Modern Safety and Maintenance Features in Cars

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Today’s luxury cars are some of the safest on the road, and certainly the safest to date in the history of cars. Certain makes like Hondas and Volvos have an excellent reputation for producing the safest vehicles. Their safety and maintenance features mean that these cars last longer and are less likely to be in a collision or run off the road.

Many of these modern safety features may be a little unsettling at first because they take control from the driver. However, with a little getting used to they will soon become second nature and do what they’re meant to do: save drivers and passengers from death or injury.

1. Look Ma, No Hands!

Cadillac has gone above and beyond with their 2018 Super Cruise System. While it’s currently only functional on multi-lane highways, this safety feature not only lets the driver operate the vehicle without the use of his or his feet, it allows them to completely let go of the steering wheel. The system uses side sensors that keep the car within the lane markers and front sensors that can detect the speed of the vehicle in front of the car. This allows the automobile to adjust speeds as needed to always maintain a safe and constant distance between the two vehicles.

2. Losing Control

Lexus and Volvo have introduced similar systems that will take control of the steering wheel if the vehicle is heading towards an obstacle. Lexus’ Intuitive Pedestrian Detection Alert system will decrease speed and steer around someone standing in front of the car while keeping the car within the lane whenever possible. Meanwhile, Volvo’s City Safety system will help avoid collisions with other vehicles, as well as with people and large animals. If you have selected the Blind Spot Information System and the Oncoming Lane Mitigation System options then automatic steering will also engage to help protect you and your passengers.

3. Keeping the Kids Occupied

Parents have been referees in car rivalries among their children for as long as cars have been on the road. This can present a dangerous distraction that too often leads to accidents, injury and even death. Even though in recent years parents have the option to buy a vehicle with built-in DVD players, it isn’t always enough to keep the kids agreeable. Lincoln has come up with a way to diversify what kids can watch in its redesigned 2018 Lincoln Navigator: live television. This means that the kids can pick through channels until they find what they want to watch so that they don’t have to watch the same old DVD over and over again.

Some of these safety features may seem strange at first, even a little bit daunting, but if they help save lives they will be well worth the getting used to. As technology evolves and is more affordable, we will probably see many of these safety features in more vehicles in the years to come, even in non-luxury cars. For now, however, these safety features are exclusive to those who can afford the extra protection.


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