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Make profits using business web directories

Little words can perform wonders and make a huge difference in your sales and subsequently your profit margin. Because of this, you must find every way possible, of maximizing the impacts that your marketing materials have with your prospects.

The key to running a successful business web directory is to create very high impact and a perception of good value to your customers.

There are three main things to do that will send you to the margins of profits that you have always dreamed of, when you manage and run a business web directory. These are:

  • Attract the attention of your prospects
  • Find a means of getting customers to buy your products/ services
  • As much as you can, get the customers to use more and more of your products/ services

These can be achieved using just the little words. For instance, the word “All” can change any statement into a very powerful impact, telling customers that each and every one of the items you are selling is at the lowest available price and that you are offering everything that the customer needs.

For example, if you place an advert like, “16” wall fans on sale for only $200 – reg. $400; although it could be a terrific price, the wording of the ad may give an impression that only one of the fans is available for sale at this price. The ad can be made more exciting and more attention grabbing and more effective if it says: “ALL 16’wall fans on sale for only $200 – reg. $400.’

The fans could be of different models, with different values, but this ad will bring a swarm of business and that’s what matters! The other little words which make a big impact include: only, now, special easy, buy and many others.

However, the three most powerful words in marketing are:

1. Free – every person wants a free thing. Although you are not going to give away your products and services and stay in business, you can plan to offer the customers something small when they make the purchases.

Something like free delivery, and possibly a free extended warranty. The most important thing to note is that you only give free products/services if doing that creates the sales at the profit you want

2. Sale – over 90% of purchases are made when it goes on sale.

3. Guarantee – no one wants to buy anything without a guarantee. Because few sellers use their guarantee as a benefit point of selling, it is an area one can cash on in. Wording is therefore such an important tool in the running of a business web directory in a profitable way.


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