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Comparison between web and printed business directories

A business web directory is a directory much like a printed directory. However, instead of being in a form of printed media, its information is contained electronically on the World Wide Web.

A business web directory is an electronic media used to link several websites together under a common category. Subsequently, the business web directory divides the broader categorical links into narrower subcategories. For example, a person looking for a dog groomer would begin their search in the business web directory looking for a pet category. Once the pet category is found, the person would then look for a groomer sub division. Once inside the pet groomer subcategory, the person would look for dog groomers. While looking for a particular link, the person will have the opportunity to select, desired region, language or any other special requirements. A business web directory will specialize in the type of business it is promoting.

In a business web directory, the webpage links are not listed based upon a few keywords. This is because the web business directory is not a general search engine but a website for a more specialized search. The information provided in the business web directory will vary. Most business web directories will include the business’s name, address, telephone numbers, location and the type of services or products that are provided. Sometimes the business web directory’s main webpage will include a feedback section for customer feedback, comments and reviews.

A majority of the people using business web directories know exactly what they are looking for. That person is looking for a particular direct link to the subject they are searching under. For example, while using a popular search engines, a person looking for local retail shops will encounter at least a hundred possible links. In addition to extra retail store links, the person may come across extra advertisements, numerous pop-ups, and lost of valuable time. The intent of the directory’s searcher is to bypass the unnecessary advertisements, pop ups, and un-useful links associated with a general search of the world wide web. The categorizing of the websites are specifically based upon the contents of the whole website and not just a few listed links on the main directory. A business web directory lists only a limited number of subcategories pertaining to the bigger category.

Being that a web directory is not a general search engine, but a more specialized directory, it contains a better quality of useable links. The business web directory will have a varity of listings depending upon the advertiser’s specification. While most listings are free of charge to view, some others are reciprocal links. Reciprocal links are links where when clicked on, it leads to another link.

Much like a printed business directory, the web business directory, is available at your fingertips. The electronic media is more manageable than the printed business directory. The electronic media uses less physical storage space and is always available in different locations. The only common tool needed to access the electronic business directory is a connection to the internet. A web based business directory is easy to navigate. With the simple click of the back or forward button the user can switch between links with ease.

The web based directory benefits the business as well as the shopper. It allows the business to reach a wider range of clients and the web directory allows the shopper to access necessary information in a more efficient , less time consuming manner. This may increase the business’s revenue because it is reaching a broader audience.

In conclusion the business web directory is a favorable to both the business owners and its customers. The business web directory allows the customer to conduct business from the comfort of home and allows the business owner conduct business with an audience it may have not reached without the business web directory.


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