Why We Need a Personal Referral, Not an Internet Search

We all need help sometimes.

We live in an incredible age where we can watch a video that will teach us how to fix a leaky sink, learn the latest decorative painting techniques, or even how to create a simple tax return. However, our DIY attitude can only get us so far. At some point, we need to turn to an experienced professional to help us navigate life’s challenges.

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What Does the Death Penalty for Drug Dealers Mean to U.S. Citizens?

On March 19, 2018, the leader of the free world, President of the United States Donald Trump, called for tougher punishment on drug dealers to finally win the war on drugs, once and for all. In fact, he called for the harshest of all penalties for certain drug crimes—the death penalty for drug dealers or repeat “drug pushers.”

Indeed, the Trump Administration and law enforcement officials have decided, or are pushing for, tougher punishments in regards to drug violations in general. Attorney General Jeff Sessions followed the President by informing Justice Department officials that the death penalty is legal already for certain repeat violators of drug laws.

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The 3 Most Common Divorce Disputes in Sydney, Australia

Divorce is often the most traumatic period in a person’s life, and understandably it is very difficult for the divorcing couple to split a life together into two lives apart. With this difficulty, combined with the heightened emotions brought on by the divorce process, it is very common for disputes to arise between the separating spouses.

In this case, it is very important to speak to your closest family law lawyers in Sydney, especially where there is likely to be a reasonably large estate to divide.

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Why Become a Solicitor rather than a Barrister


Deciding what type of legal profession you want to pursue can be very challenging especially if you are to choose between being a Solicitor or a Barrister.

But what would you rather become, a Solicitor or a Barrister? Indeed, the distinction between a Solicitor and a Barrister is increasingly becoming blurred further making it difficult to make a specific decision. As such, one needs to understand what each profession entails before making any decision on your future.

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