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Is worth it? is one amongst the Internet’s earliest and finest quality business directories and online resources. offers a number of tools for business people such as top quality business listing, pay per click (PPC) marketing, online search engine, expert Q&A, business manuals and much more. Probably the 2 most widely used features of are the business directory listing and pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Is getting indexed by worth it?

Well, the truth of the matter is that it depends. Simply how much is a specific website ranking really worth to your business? Are you currently in a cut-throat field? As with most factors, you can find just a lot of variables. If search rankings make a difference to you, in case your niche is sort of competitive, could be an excellent directory to get listed in for the majority of websites.


According to many experts of SEO domain, the top 5 critical aspects in Search Engine Rankings are:

Key phrase Targeted Anchor-text from External Links
External Website link Popularity (The number of overall external links point to your website)
Variety of Link Resources (The number of unique and quality domains linked to your website)
Search term Use Anywhere in the Web page Title
Credibility of the Domain

So let us find out how a listing in meets these above mentioned aspects

Keyword Targeted Anchor-text from External Links understands that quite often a website name has little or nothing related to the content of a site. Also, as an internet searcher, you’ll need descriptive words or terms to know if you wish to check out a site. Therefore, inquires you in their TOS to make the anchor-text of your website link to be descriptive.

External Website link Popularity (The number of overall external links point to your website)

You cannot create a website, and then anticipate that searchers will discover your site without directing the way. The web pages that have the most external links pointing at them are viewed as the most popular. When they’re considered relevant for a specific query, the appropriate and the most popular web pages would certainly become the very first pages indexed by Google’s results. In your attempt to get more external links to your website, is a wonderful source since it is fairly an easy link to get when you’ve got a fair website and are eager to let your site be editorially analyzed.

Variety of Link Resources (The number of unique and quality domains linked to your website)

When search engines like Google determine the importance of a website to a keyword, they look at the number of QUALITY inbound links to that particular site. If the links with unrelated subject material are found, then they’re regarded as less appropriate. The greater the importance of inbound links, the higher their quality. One more reason to obtain quality back links is to attract the people to visit your website. is definitely a simple way to broaden the back links that your website has.
Search Term Use Anywhere in the Web Page Title
Getting listed in the appropriate directory category enables the link to your website to fall on a locally related page- which means related links are great links!

Credibility of the Domain

According to USAToday, has a domain trust close to 7.5 as well as the Dallas Morning News does. So, with regards to the trust level of the domain, it’s on par with these two news resources. It is also pretty good for a one-time price of about $299 forever.

Google seems to treat the directory as a remarkably
authoritative business listing directory and enables web links from this directory to assist your search in Google. Whenever you submit directory links, you’re adding wealth of your site. The wealth is with the back-links. Each back-link from a directory site submission enriches your site, especially the page it’s directed to. Beyond SEO and PPC, utilizes various advertising and marketing options to construct brand awareness and entice new marketers taking part in industry trade events and meetings, other internet marketing campaigns and more. If search engine ranking positions are important to your business strategy plan, then you can say a big YES to


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