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How to write better reviews?

Advertising reviews are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and add value for your paid advertisers. While writing a review is not difficult, there are a few things you can do to really make your reviews pop.While a short bullet list highlighting the benefits or features of the product you are reviewing is expected, make sure you include your personal opinion of the product.

You do not want your review to read like an advertisement. Also, make sure any personal claims you make are factual. You want your readers to trust you. This will lead to more repeat traffic to your blog as well as result in more hits for your advertising customers, a winning combination for you.Make your reviews fun to read.

This leads back to reader trust. If appropriate for your topic, use a casual tone, as though you are writing to a friend. Unless you are writing a review for a highly specialized niche, you will want to avoid overly technical jargon and specialized language.

Readers often become attached to a blog author and return for updates from authors that they respect and like.Don’t over use hyperlinks in your reviews. While you do want to give your readers ample opportunity to click to the product’s site, over use of links will turn your review into a blatant advertisement. The first link link should be the product name as clickable text. It is also a good idea to make the photo’s in the blog post linked to the advertiser’s web page.

Short and sweet will capture your intended audience’s attention without boring them. You never want your readers to get bored and click away from your blog. Short reviews of less than 350 words are enough to get across the needed information without overloading the reader.Stick to the basic review structure when writing. A review should have a brief introduction, a description of the subject, your view on how well the subject fulfills its purpose, a comparison with other methods or similar products, and a short conclusion reiterating your opinion on the subject.

Even though you are getting paid to write the review, do not always keep them all positive. If you only have good things to say about every item you review, your readers will begin to lose trust in you. No one likes everything about every product all the time.

There are two ways to handle this. Write a few negative (but factual!) unpaid reviews for your blog or be completely honest of a few negative features in the items you are being paid to review.

To use the second way, you bury the negative inside the positive. An example would be, “though this item is great for doing what it does it only comes in two colors.”

Finally, pay attention to spelling and grammar throughout your review. You may also want to use a few targeted keywords throughout the body of the article to help maximize traffic as well as writing an eye catching headline. Also, make sure you include a picture of the item you are reviewing. By following these few simple tips you will be able to write highly successful reviews.


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