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How to to sell your ad space to advertisers in a direct manner?

There is absolutely no way you could keep advertising out of your blogs, especially if you wish to have your blogs as a money-spinner.

There are many ways here you could make money off your blogs through advertising, and one of them is by using the services of ad companies.

No – this is not to say you would have to pay millions of dollars to advertising companies and get your brand identity up. All you have to do is to sell your ad space to advertisers in a direct manner.

How do you do that actually?

It is easier said than done but all you have to is find out companies or services who would require you to sell your ad space. There are many such services like Blogads, Crispads, Grokads, Tagword and many others. Essentially, each one of these services would require your ad space just because they are specialized players in the domain of advertising.

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How they work is simple. Rent your ad space, or better still, sell off your ad space to them, and you would be paid 80 percent of the revenue they earn off the ad space. This percentile sharing depends entirely on the service you choose, but most of them would work on a 20-80 sharing arrangement. Rather than thinking of how this would benefit these companies, you should be looking at how much money you could make money off your blogs or ad space.

With all the basic information on methods of making money off your blogs through advertising given to you, here is a brief explanation on how each of these services work.

  • Crispads – As a publisher, all you have to do is to place advertisements in the blog entries. The content in your blog would be syndicated content, and thus placing advertisements on such a blog would ensure some revenue being generated through the RSS Feeds to the blog.
  • Grokads – Making money through Grokads is really simple as this is one big advertising clearinghouse. With this service, you would be able to focus your ads on a specific market.
  • Tagword – Tagword works very similar to Blogads. Using this service, you would be able to choose the ads you wish to promote to the visitors of your blog. You could also choose the price you would want to charge for the advertisements. When you approach this service asking them for an ad that needs to be sold to your visitors, they would give you a code. Just copy and paste this code to your blog, and you would be able to sell advertisements in the next 5 minutes or so!

If none of the above mentioned methods impresses you, you can aim at creating your own ads. And no, for this you do not need to have any creative knowledge. All you have to do is to use tools like TextAds and The Idya AdSystem. These tools are open source text management systems that will allow you to design your own ad within minutes and are known to work on any PHP website.

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Ads are important, and there is a reason to it – Any revenue that you earn through advertisements in your blogs is essentially passive income.

Think about it – How much time did you spend in designing the ad? Not much, and compare this with the possible revenue you could earn, and you would realize why advertising is touted as one opportunity people should not miss!


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