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How to select a band heater

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There are various types of band heaters and different dimensions, materials, and voltage. Most are ring-shaped and mostly used to clamp around cylinder elements and transfer heat through conduction. Normally they are equipped with ceramic to prevent heat loss to the surrounding environment.

Strip heaters are used as an electric heating element to gradually transfer heat to the external surfaces of drums. It is the safest way when heating volatile and explosive substances. The performance and features are crucial parameters to consider when selecting a heater. Features such as AC voltage sheath temperature or maximum operating temperature should be given keen consideration when choosing a band heater. Other features to consider include.


The inside diameter, width, and thickness of a band heater should be keenly observed. The inside diameter of the heater should be equal to the diameter of the cylinder to beheaded. This ensures the proper transfer of heat through conduction. If one is smaller than the other, the heating process will not occur.

Sleeve Material 

A sleeve is an outer cover that protects the heating element. They are made of different nickel alloy elements, copper iron, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Most of them use nickel alloy due to its high conductivity.



Heat loss to the environment is reduced through insulation. There are various types of insulation. These include;

Uninsulated band heater

It is not energy efficient and only useful in areas where space is at a premium. It is not much recommendation from users.

Ceramic Insulation

Band heater manufacturers Can insulate it with ceramics since it can resist heat and chemicals. Ceramics are good insulators since they are made of materials such as clay hardened by high temperatures. This makes them the best insulators. A ceramic insulated band heater is energy efficient and one of the best there is. Even though the temperatures are above one thousand Fahrenheit, the eternal surfaces are cool, making them very safe. They are very expensive and very hard to customize

Mica insulation

They are known to be very resistant to heat and acids. They have a moderate temperature of about seven hundred Fahrenheit. They are affordable and are long-lasting. They are known for customization and a reasonable watt density. They are the most popular of all the band heaters.


Probe holes on the band, expandable heaters, and cooling options are very important features when choosing a heater.


The heater must have a clump to attach to the object being heated. Some have various clamping options, including build-in straps, barrel nuts, separate straps, flange, and wedge lock. You can make a choice depending on the mounting your object has.

Terminal types 

The terminal used to connect the electricity to the heater can also influence your choice. Some have different and multiple termination types. These types may include; parallel screw terminals, flexible conduit leads, armor cable leads, metal braided leads, insulated leads, tandem screw terminals, and terminal boxes.

When you consider all the functions and features, you can choose according to your budget and the features you desire.


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