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How to Increase Your Website SEO?

Create a product website to showcase your apps. Always include screen shots and describe the features and benefits of your app. Just like any website, you want to optimize the website content with keywords and make sure that you build a following of other sites that link back to your website. This improves your search rankings for your site. Always have a Buy Now button to link to your app within the iPhone App Store. Promote your app throughout every page on your product website. Getting your app noticed also means getting your app product website noticed.

If you have just created a new website, you can get your site listed in free online directories, such as DMOZ, the open directory project. As stated by their own site, the DMOZ powers core directory services for some of the most popular portals and search engines on the Web, including AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, and hundreds of others.

Use the Google AdWords keyword tool; research search terms that are most relevant to your app audience and populate your app description with those terms. Don’t go overboard with the use of terms but make sure you have the relevant terms on every page of your site. Also use the search terms in all your marketing efforts, including social media activities such as blogs, email campaigns, and promotional efforts.

Let Visitors Market Your Site Having a high page rank for your personal website is, in part, about getting external links back to your app product website. You do this by getting visitors to post comments about your site and app on blog posts and on their own websites. Blogging is a great way to help your site get noticed and keep visitors coming to it. Be sure to utilize the AddThis button on your site to promote your apps and website. The AddThis button can be installed on your blog or website pages, and it allows visitors to share your content with their friends and coworkers who use Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg, TypePad, Blogger, WordPress, and other social media sites.

Be sure to use a “Follow Us” note on your homepage as well. Beneath the “Follow Us,” you can post links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites that link directly to your content on those sites. This will keep your visitors engaged with your apps and development activities.?


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