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How to create a blog on

Although there are many sophisticated adaptations you can make to customize a blogspot (Google) blog, it’s really easy to get started. You can start your own simple blog in under 30 minutes. It’s completely free; the only thing you need is a valid email.

Step 1- Basic Choices
Go to You will see a page with the big orange B in the left hand corner and an orange button that says “Create a Blog.” Look in the upper right corner, and select the language you will be using for your blog; the blogosphere is truly international.

Note that just below the orange button are links to a number of tutorials. “Quick Tour” explains what a blog is. “Video Tutorial” is a YouTube visual explanation. This is good, but moves quite quickly. “More Features” and “Blogger Buzz” show you advanced options.

You may use any email address you want to create a blog. However, if you already have a gmail address, you can sign in via the boxes in the blue area at the upper right of the screen. If you prefer to use a different email address, this is fine, just skip the “sign in” section and click the orange “Create a Blog” button.

Page 2- Create a Google Account
This page can seem a little confusing because it looks like you are supposed to use a google address. Not so. This is the page where you enter information if you want to use a non-gmail email address.

Enter your email, and re-enter it in the next field. Choose a password of at least 8 characters. A strong password will have upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. You also need to enter this twice. Choose a display name.

This is what will show at the bottom of each of your posts. It will say something like “Posted by Johnny Shmo at 3:15 pm.” You may use either your real name or a nickname. You will be asked to copy some letters for verification that you are human. Or alternatively click the wheelchair icon to hear a series of characters over some background babble.

Finally you must check the box to agree to the terms of service. These are fairly standard but should be read,. Notable terms are: you must be 13 or older; Google does not own any rights to the content of your blog, and you do not have any rights to any Google software. Click “continue.”

Page 3- Name Your Blog
The blog title does not need to be unique. Next choose a blog address or URL. This needs to be unique to blogspot. Enter your first choice and click “check availability.” If that name is unavailable similar alternatives will be suggested. Skip the advanced options for now; click “continue.”

Page 4- Choose a Template
Blogger offers 12 basic, 2-column templates. Many more are available from third parties, and any of the basic ones may be customized, but to get started simply pick one of the ones offered. Click “continue.”

Page 5- Your Blog Has Been Created
This is just a success notice. Click “start blogging.”

Page 6- Blog Entry Page
Now you can post your first entry. Type a title for this entry in the title box. There are two choices for entry. If you want to enter your own HTML code click on the HTML tab at the top right of the text entry field. Otherwise, choose the Compose tab. Type something. You may preview it or simply click the orange button “Publish Post.” At the next screen click “View Blog,” You will discover that your first blog entry is posted for the world to see.

Explore the many other options to individualize your blog.


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