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How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Have you ever lost photos or music that you had on your computer, due to a computer crash? Or maybe you lost all of your old email when you had to reformat your computer because it was infested by computer viruses. Or perhaps you were not able to get all the data you had off an old computer.

Cloud computing can save your internet music and book purchases

If you have been through any of these things, you may understand the appeal of cloud computing. Instead of losing your iTunes or Amazon.com purchases when your computer was out of commission, anything you buy from either company is in what is known as the cloud. That means that you can access it from anywhere you are, and download the music or books from whatever computer or device you can use. And you will have a copy of the items forever, even if you end up having to switch computers.

The same goes with emails like Gmail and Hotmail – you do not have to worry about losing email due to a computer crash or virus. Such programs have changed the world of emails. There are also sites where you can store your photos and such in the cloud.

What cloud computing can do for your business

Cloud computing is not just something you can gain from in your private life, with personal purchases and creations. It can also be a valuable thing for your business as well. For example, if you have cloud computing, you no longer have to spend the money – not to mention dedicating the physical space – in your business for internal services. Instead, you can run programs for your company in the cloud, which can save you time and money.

In addition, with cloud computing, you can work from anywhere. For example, if you are home with a broken leg, but have a big project due at work, if your office has cloud computing, you can connect to the company’s computing system from no matter where you are. Having cloud computing is also useful in the case of a snowstorm or other weather catastrophe; those businesses who had cloud computing were able to get back up and running after Hurricane Sandy much quicker than those who had their computing data on internal servers, which may have been destroyed in the hurricane.

Infrastructure as a service in NYC and elsewhere

Cloud computing also includes automatic backups of all data, so you do not have to do separate backups for your information. That can also save you money, as you no longer have to have a separate system for doing computer backups.


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