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How Can You Make The Best Of Business Blogging?

Business blogging is something a lot of companies know of and implement with diligence. In fact, there are some companies out there who have their own internal staff that take care of the blogging duties for the companies.

For every two companies like this, you would find 10 who do not appoint anyone full-time to do blogging for them! There is your opportunity!

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Companies would always want bloggers promoting their company’s products and services to the visitors on the Internet.

Business blogging though does something even bigger – It establishes the brand image of the company among people. For a new company, one thing you would have wanted is recognition of your company’s existence. To that extent, business bloggers ensure that the company gets its much wanted recognition.

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So, at the end of the day how much would you get paid? Clearly, this is one of the jobs where you would need to pay a lot of attention to what the company requires, and importantly, what the company desires to pay you.

On an average though, you would find companies paying you by the hour with hourly rates going up to $10 for an hour’s work. Now that is not bad by any stretch of imagination! Would you have ever thought you could take care of your monthly bills by blogging for about 100 hours in a month?

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Business blogging could allow you to stretch these margins a bit more, if you think smart! Anyways, you would be working off your home, so why not do business blogging for couple of companies. Agreed, you would be spending 200 hours instead of 100, but you could also earn $2,000 instead of $1,000? You decide which way you want to go.

A lot of people make this mistake of treating Business blogging as mass blogging. By this, what we mean is simple – Never try to do business blogging for more than two companies at a time. Agreed that continuity of business is important, but at the same time toggling between blogging for too many companies at the same time could impact the quality of the blogs. This certainly would not please the company you are working for, and they may not eventually pay you at all.

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How much time should it be before you accept the first business blogging opportunity?

Alright, the opportunity of business blogging just seems to be mouth watering enough for you to take the splurge today. Wait! There are a couple of factors you need to think of before you do so. Here are the factors.

  • Is the company responsible? What are its credentials? – If you are promoting a company that has lost people’s faith, your blog will just be something written on a page. It will be devoid of any value. No one would see it, and when a lot of people do that, the companies may think what you wrote did not make sense at all.
  • Are you promoting a product or the company’s image? – Either ways, you should look at identifying the target audience. The first question you need to ask is if you are comfortable promoting the product. If not, then better take your hands away sooner than later.
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Not a lot of people give business blogging a try because they tend to get bound by a lot of constrictions. This is a true fact, but most of these boundaries can be easily overcome by pro bloggers.


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