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8 Great Gift Ideas For Kids


Finding the perfect kids’ gift can be daunting, as you are trying to find the best gifts for your child’s age which will excite, inspire, and stimulate. You want to see their faces light up when they receive your present for a special occasion, birthday, or Christmas. There are so many popular, quality, and parent approved gifts for both girls and boys, allowing your kids to spend hours playing and having fun. Here is our helpful guide on some great gift ideas for kids suitable for kids of every age.

Electric Ride on Toys

Give your child the best original gift for every special occasion with a ride on kid’s electric car or kids motorbikes and quads. Driving their very own car will make them feel more responsible and very happy. There are so many models and cars on the market today giving you plenty to choose from for both your little boy and girl. Choose from single and two-seater electric cars, motorbikes, go karts, quads, Jeeps, and scooters. From powerful 4*4 high-end jeeps to Lamborghini sports cars every child will be in their element.

Most electric ride ons will have some superb features such as parental remote control, LED front and back lights, leather seats, safety belt, start button, steering wheel, rubber wheels, MP3 music player, opening doors, and much more. Choose a car from all the latest high-end and luxury car brands such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford Mustang, and many more. Kids electric cars are suitable for kids from 3 – 8 years old.


Playdoh is a childhood favourite and every parent loves it even if it is messy. The modeling clay was originally made in the 1930s as a wallpaper cleaner and was reborn as an educational toy in the 1950s. Play doh is the perfect gift for kids of all ages as it is reusable and non-toxic. Playdoh is a tub of creativity. There are so many different sets on the market to choose from the sky’s the limit.

Bring home the imagination and let your kids create amazing and wonderful creations with the fun and gooey playdoh. Playdoh can be rolled, squished, and flattened into different shapes. Creating objects from scratch encourages kids to think in new and innovative ways and stretch their imaginations. This classic toy has been around for decades and is the ideal gift for every kid.

Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls are eternally popular with boys and girls. With new dolls, doll houses, play sets, furniture, and accessories being released every year, once your kids have a doll your Christmas and birthday presents are sorted every year. Barbie dolls will inspire every little girl. Playing with dolls activates brain regions allowing kids to develop social processing skills like empathy.

There are so many different barbie products on the market to choose from including ken doll, barbie signature dolls, career dolls, barbie fashionista, fantasy dolls, dollhouses, doll clothes, vehicles, pets and horses, and so much more. The Barbie dream house is one of the most iconic barbie toys and is one of the most popular for kids for every special occasion.


Lego has been around for many centuries a toy created by the LEGO group. Lego bricks are colourful plastic building blocks that can be joined together. Lego bricks come in all sizes and shapes. You can build just about anything with Lego such as cars, buildings, tree houses, town centres, towers, and so much more. Lego is the perfect gift for every occasion as it is creative, educational, and versatile. Kids just love it. Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow with the help of the very popular LEGO. Lego gives your kids a great opportunity to play and build. Lego has many benefits for kids such as concentration and focus, helping with counting skills and colours, and developing their young minds.

Art and Crafts Sets

Art and crafts sets are the ideal gift for kids of every age. Set your kid’s imaginations free and discover the artist in your little one with arts and crafts toys. There are so many sets and kits to choose from online, from magnetic boards, make your own kits, colourful crayons, paints, and pencils there is something for everyone. Let them make their own masterpieces at home and get creative. Arts and crafts are perfect for that rainy day. Play-doh sets are perfect for sinking their hands into and seeing what they can build. Your little design and fashion lover can design and build their very own jewellery pieces to wear using home jewellery kits. The possibilities are endless.


Puzzles is a great educational product to improve problem solving skills while having fun. Puzzles can be solved individually or with family and friends. There is a huge selection of different puzzles on the market including 3D puzzles designed for kids of all ages. Puzzles are educational, beautifully crafted, and innovative. The puzzle boxes are beautifully shaped which will decorate your kid’s room. Learning and playing with giant puzzles will have a large impact on their life. If your child is up for a challenge the 1000-word piece puzzles are ideal.


Books for kids are the ideal gift for opening a whole new world, educating, learning new facts, new places, new people, and new adventures. There are some amazing books on the market to buy to make kids grow, think, question, create, and explore. Keep your kids entertained with a great selection of absorbing books such as fiction books, early learning books, activity books, picture books, revision books, and reference books. Books are hugely beneficial for kids helping them improve their social skills, using their imagination, and enhancing their concentration performance.

Board Games

When it comes to getting the whole family involved and playing together, you can’t beat a board game. There is a huge collection of board games available including the most popular and all-time classics monopoly, Jenga, Cluedo, and snakes and ladders. Party games, family games, strategy games, dice games, geography games, the possibilities are endless. Not only are you teaching your kids how to play as part of a team, but also how to win and lose gracefully and build their language and brain development.


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