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Gateway to musical popularity is the newest way to market your music, ideas and more. One is a free multimedia tool that allows music artists to network, stream their music, connect with fans and stay in touch with professionals in the music industry! Using this free multimedia tool, artists can actually run their own website and sell and share their music, allowing them a platform that connects with fans and consumers! can be connected to other social media accounts where music artists might have profiles. here is an example for artists using This allows fans and friends to stay up to date on any new happenings of the artists. Using you can create your own website and actually have the rights to maintain it! One creates a hassle free way for artists to upload heavy content easily and much faster than other social sites. Along with ease of uploading, also helps you create a great impression on first time visitors. They can just visit one site to listen to your music, comment and connect! Instead of browsing through many search results, fans can easily get through to your website right away!

If you choose to connect your site with your other social media networking sites, it will automatically upload all content on your other accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter or other popular networking sites. A simple registration along with verification can get everything at up and running and allow you the chance to use its great features to promote your work, connect and keep things up dated.

The professionals who have designed have taken into account your security and privacy, so there is a short waiting period before your One site is up and running. With a supportive customer service staff, One deals with your problems as fast as they can, providing easy solutions and constant support.
Last but not the least, One allows users to personalize and jazz up their sites in their own way. Tag your youtube videos or add your website link in all your emails and interactions! Create an e-mail signature, business cards, concert programs and posters so you more and more people know your sound!


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