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Coronavirus Infographic

Given the fact the Covid-19 (which translates as: COronaviruse family, it’s a VIrus, Desease, 2019 – therefore CoViD-19) produces more panic than it should (the common flu death rate is about 10%, which the CoVid-19 is about 2-3%) we’ve decided to create an infographic which highlights all the necessary information we should all know.

So, here it is. We’ve covered what Coronaviruses are, their structure, the origin of the outbreak, the fact that is RNA based, transmission routes, how it spreads, symptoms, prevention, risk factors, the Health Organization advice, and, the (unfortunate) mortality rate.

In another post we wrote an article about some studies which might help in developing a vaccine. At least in theory. As of today, there is no vaccine or medication to cure the disease.

Here’s the infographic in full resolution.

Coronavirus Covid-19 infographic
Coronavirus Covid-19 infographic, credit: jasminedirectory.com

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