Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building a Metal Home


Having a home is one of the goals of most people. A place to call your own is more than just an item that can be ticked off a bucket list – knowing that you will always have shelter is something very real to aspire to.

Metal homes are growing in popularity when it comes to building a home. There are numerous benefits of having a metal modular home. It is cheaper to build, highly durable, and can be built quickly and easily. However, building a metal home is quite different from building a more traditional one. There are numerous differences between the two and what applies to conventional home construction does not necessarily apply to metal home building.

To make sure that you build a high-quality, well-made metal home, here are some mistakes you’ll need to avoid:

  • Not checking legal concerns or local zoning regulations.

Although metal homes have a lot of benefits, they are not allowed in all kinds of properties and areas. Make sure to check with the local regulatory body that oversees real estate and construction in your area. Keep yourself informed of specific building restrictions for metal structures. You may want to consider consulting with someone who is an expert when it comes to local zoning regulations, particularly regulations that apply to metal homes.

Aside from the local zoning restrictions, you will also need to check homeowners’ regulations if your property is in an area that has one. Some of them may have limitations when it comes to the façade of home structures.

If you don’t have a property yet, look for one specifically for the metal home that you plan to build. Search in areas where you know metal homes are allowed. You may even want to take the chance to look at other metal homes in the area.

  • Getting a contractor with little or no experience building metal homes.

Aside from the risk of ending up with a badly built home, there may be specific licenses in your area for builders of metal homes. It is vital to make sure that your builder is licensed to build your metal home for you.

The durability and long-term value of your metal home will be strongly affected by how it was built. Having a guide to building a metal home is not enough to give any builder the skill and knowledge needed to build your metal home. Hiring contractors or builders who have extensive experience with metal homes will ensure that they know the right materials and processes to use to make sure it is well-constructed.

  1. Not considering the preparation of the site.

Some potential metal homeowners fail to consider that their land will need to be prepared for their metal homes. Site preparation may incur significant costs. Things such as building a solid foundation for your metal home structure and the soil consistency in your property may have a huge effect if not considered beforehand. If your property still needs to be cleared, make sure to take that cost into consideration as well. Check the surrounding areas and the views to make sure that your site is prepared in such a way that’s optimal for the kind of metal home that you plan to build.

  • Using second-hand containers without seeing them.

If your metal home design involves the use of shipping containers, do not make the mistake of buying used ones without checking or inspecting them first. Although shipping containers are highly durable, they are not meant to last forever. You’d encounter problems with corrosion, rust, and damp with used containers, especially if you don’t check the actual containers in person.

A new shipping container is the best option if you need one. You’d only need to look for a trusted and reliable supplier and there’s no need to actually see the new container. However, new containers can easily cost twice a used one. Don’t worry, there are a lot of used ones in good condition. If new shipping containers are not within your budget, just make sure you actually see the used container to inspect it. Make sure to prepare before you go and check any used shipping container by learning how to inspect and buy shipping containers.

  • Not setting your budget right from the start.

Although building a metal home will be more cost-effective than building a conventional one, it is equally important to set your budget right from the start and know how far your budget can take you. Never start with a rough budget and a plan to just wing it. Almost everything about your metal home will depend on what you can afford – from the type of metal structure to the finishing materials. When setting your budget, make sure to consider not just the metal home itself; factor in the costs of preparing your site, utility costs, and any extra permits you might need for building your metal home.

Ready to build your home? With the right supplier, the right builder, and careful planning, building a well-constructed metal home that will last a long time is easily within reach.


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