The role of customer-to-customer advertising


The role of customer-to-customer advertising has only recently developed as a fully fledged advertising tool for both direct and online media. There are many historical precedents of direct selling – most famously for Tupperware in the United States from the 1950s, where regional agents presented product ranges to their friends in a party-gathering environment.However, customer-to-customer no longer requires gatherings but people with a bond with the brand who are willing to testify to its virtues to friends. In online advertising they aim to enlist the most influential of consumers, the early adopters who are quick to discover and adopt fashionable brands and the best consumer goods available. They are chosen because they are seen as taste-makers, able to influence friends and colleagues because they are regarded as filters for current tastes and trends. Read more

Broadcasting Innovation: Blogcasting

This message is a “Blog Broadcast” from my home studio in the heart of the central valley of California. As I hit “send” with the touch of my fingertip, my electronic message is transmitted out reaching the eyes and minds of millions of readers all over the country. WOW! This is blog marketing in a nut shell. This prodigious innovation in the world of advertising has completely changed the way companies do business.

Blogcasting whatever it is you bring to market, yourself, a product, or a special cause near and dear to your heart; blogging can have a phenomenal impact almost immediately in getting your message or product out into the vast world of internet marketing, where profitability can be optimized.

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Blog Marketting: A Mutually Effective Relationship

Internet marketing has been sweeping the web. The more advertisers realize the near limitless boundaries of the world wide web, the more drawn they are to the idea of advertising in a medium that allows them to expand beyond their local or even national reaches, and gives them the ability, if they wish to reach the base of public knowledge on a global scale.

With the ever expanding innovation of the internet and its users, advertisers have a lot of spots to choose from to place their ads. Many have chosen to utilize online blogs as their key medium for marketing of their product or service.

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Blog advertising a superior investment to other marketing strategies

The Advantages of Blog Advertising

Blog advertising has recently emerged as an alternative to traditional marketing strategies and boasts several advantages. Researchers project that internet marketing techniques, including blog advertising, will influence nearly half of all consumer spending in 2010, and the decline of traditional media (such as television, radio, and snail mail) ensures that this trend will only continue.

Several factors make blog advertising a sound marketing investment in today’s uncertain economic climate, especially considering that online spending consistently outperforms brick-and-mortar stores. What makes blog advertising so effective?

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Blog Advertising in 2010?

The New Year is just beginning but I am sure that savvy online marketers are already perfecting their marketing campaign to make this year successful. Success calls for early and careful planning and marketers would want to make use of the right tools and medium to reach their target audience. As you cross your Ts and make plans, have you considered blog advertising for 2010?

Blogs became very popular in 2004 and since then smart marketers have been using them as a medium of target advertising. Blog advertising has since increased in popularity but many marketers still do not use it or use it right. You mainly have two broad options regarding blog advertising. You can create and maintain your own blog (with the help of professionals) or you can use the already established blogs of others at a fee.

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Top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use

Most small business owners understand the need to have an effective online marketing campaign in today’s Internet friendly marketplace. Even a one person operation benefits through using a website and creating an advertising program that will direct customers to their business. But just creating and maintaining a website alone is not sufficient to keep a competitive edge in the continually fluctuating economy. Unless a customer uses name recognition to search for and locate a business, dozens of other competitors may receive higher search priority.The top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use normally include a variety of methods that target all aspects of Internet use:1. Using Email MarketingThis direct marketing approach works particularly well for a small business whose customer base is somewhat established. Weekly or bi-weekly news and promotions can be sent to a large group and may not be automatically rejected as “spam”. For example, a real estate agent may choose to send a newsletter in the form of a monthly email. Or new customers who shop at a local boutique can be added to the email list and sent special promotional materials. Read more

Creating High Quality Permanent Relevant Back Links through Blog Advertising

Back links are an integral part of internet marketing that any website owner caring about site ranking on major internet search engines should partake in. There are many ways to create these back links that improve website ranking and promote traffic to main business websites, but the one exceptional method that creates permanent results resides in the networking schema of Networked Blogging.Advertising on blogs is the best way to grab quality, permanent and relevant back links that will provide traffic to any website for many years to come. This is a tactic that many of the largest websites use to keep them on top of the listings creating a permanent influx of traffic when people search for products or services that these companies provide.The Origin of Blogging Networking SitesBlogs, or online journals, allow everyday people to offer their opinions on the happenings of the world. This phenomenon was observed by many magnificent advertising researchers and they came to the conclusion that you could either subliminally advertise products and services or create insight into the qualities of products and services to market them ingeniously through the Blogs. Read more

What is the Future for Online Businesses During the Financial Crisis?

The banks and the automakers received their bailouts, but what about you? Don’t hold your breath, it doesn’t look like the average Joe is going to get bailed out any time soon. The bank and auto bailouts were supposed to have a trickle down effect, meaning that when money is given to these organizations it was supposed to be used in such a way that it creates and stabilizes jobs. Instead, banks are sitting on the money, and automakers are cutting jobs just to stay out of bankruptcy. But don’t worry, there is a way to make it through the tough times. Have you considered looking into online businesses during the financial crisis?As things get tough, and more people lose their jobs every day, online businesses are booming! Unable to find work, many are starting their own online business. Let me use myself as an example. I used to sell new Ford cars. As the economic crisis worsened, I made less and less sales. I watched as colleagues who had sold cars since George Bush the first was president left the car business. Eventually, I had to leave as well. I just wasn’t selling enough cars to support my family. I searched high and wide for work, but no one was hiring. Out of desperation, I turned to the internet. Read more

Handy Advertising Advice For New Website Owners

There is much to gain in owning a website for your products and services. This provides an outlet of information on your products and allows for orders to be reached from around the globe if you plan on offering your products and services worldwide.There are some simple marketing strategies that are lower risk than others to allow you to reap the most benefits from your advertising venture online.You own the website and have your products in line and online. Determining the target audience is the next step in deciding how you will advertise your products.If the age range for your product is children to teens, then you will want to market the product towards parents showing the value the product has in learning or entertainment. If for adults and the older generations, then you will want to show the usefulness of your products in their daily lives. Read more

The Lovely Coupling of Blog Advertising and the Google Search Directory

The Relationship between Google and Blogging WebsitesGoogle has become a large search engine with a multitude of opportunities for advertisers to showcase their products online and get consumers who are somewhat interested to make purchases. There are many different ways that this can be accomplished.One of the most natural and self sustaining types of advertising is based in Blog reviews and advertisements. Since Blogging websites have been gaining popularity throughout the world, more and more users are updating their Blogs every day while keeping in touch with all of their interests and friends online. This is a very valuable resource for advertisers to utilize and turn almost one hundred percent pure profit.Blogging websites started off as a platform for people to network and subscribe to journal like micro web pages that allowed users to post information on daily updates. This provides an outlet for people to voice their opinions on various subjects, services and products. Read more