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Bloggers: How to add value to your blog reviews?

There are several ways to make money using your blog but you might be wondering how you can make the most of your efforts. Once you have found a project you are interested in writing about, be sure to read all of the guidelines for it.

Each post will have certain requirements and restrictions and it is important to know these before you begin writing. Once you have accepted the assignment start brainstorming right away. Jot down ideas about how to say things as they are fresh in your mind. Remember, your thoughts and opinions are what make your review valuable, so capture them as you think about them.

Then start writing and remember to mention any key words outlined in the requirements as many times as they stipulated. You don’t want to lose payment because you missed something small or you failed to have enough words in your blog. You should also review these and check your work again to make sure you have everything done before you submit the piece for payment.

Your title doesn’t need to be the first thing you write, but when you do write it you need to make sure it’s specific. Don’t just say “skin cream”? use the full name of the product. Specific details or wording add value to your blog also.

Make sure you mention place names as well as the address when you are reviewing locations. When writing about a product mention the name of the product and the manufacturer.

Be specific with what you liked or didn’t like and why. Just telling someone “the food sucked”? is not very valuable to anyone.

You could rewrite that line as “the food tasted like it had sat in the freezer too long before being burned to a crisp by the heat lamps they used to heat it.”? Which one of those painted a more vivid image in your mind as to how bad the food was?

Adding details is important and you can use them to add just about any tone you choose to your blog whether it be humor, anger, or happiness. Your reader will develop their own picture of what is happening based on the words you choose in your writing.

Don’t write too much. By adding things that are not on point, you could lose the interest of your readers, including the ones that have to approve your payment.

Stay focused on the product you are reviewing. Consider your readers as your friends. Your friends will change the subject or look for something else to do if you carry on too long or about things that aren’t related to the subject. Talk to them just like you would your offline friends.

The only difference is that by writing a review for payment you are providing a service to your readers.

You are helping them find better products or places and avoid bad ones. Some of your readers may also be persons in a position to make changes to provide better services and you could be improving conditions for more than just your readers.

It is also important not to copy any part of your review from other websites or even your own past work. These days’ companies have programs they run the content through that will tell them if it has been copied.

It is the same types of programs colleges use to avoid plagiarism so if you or anyone else has ever published it, the software will match the two and your article could be rejected or your account banned.

If this happens, we can put a hold on your payments pending further reviews for plagiarism or they can choose not to pay you for any outstanding items.


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