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Blog Internet Advertising: How Bloggers Are Leaving A Fortune On The Table

Many bloggers today are leaving behind a huge fortune by ignoring the possibilities of blog Internet advertising. These bloggers unwittingly focus all of their efforts and concentration on Adsense and related programs.

Although there is nothing explicitly wrong about working with Adsense or attempting to maximize one’s Adsense earnings, by doing so bloggers forgo a huge wad of cash, leaving it on the table.It is much easier than you may think to sell blog Internet advertising, regardless of how much or how little traffic your blog receives.

And, Adsense has no problem with other ads on your website provided that they do not mimic Google Adsense ads.

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Certainly, the next natural question anyone would want to ask is why any advertiser would choose to place advertisements in a low traffic blog or website. It may seem unrealistic, but many advertisers specifically look for small-sized blogs.

They seek blogs which have not yet made a noteworthy name for themselves, which in turn provides them an opportunity for niche marketing or niche advertising.

For example, lets say that an advertiser that sells computers wants to find a website that has high traffic so that they can maximize their chances of making sales through their advertisements. Yet, this same computer salesman will be thrilled to find a low traffic blog which focuses on helping others to find good prices on new or used computers.

This advertiser would jump at the chance to include their advertisements in this blogger’s website if the blogger would only take a moment to contact them.Indeed, bloggers are leaving a fortune on the table every day because they choose not to apply themselves, for one.

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In addition, some bloggers choose to get out of the blogging industry all together, leaving their loyal followers hanging high and dry. What a remarkable business opportunity for any retiring blogger, if only they would take a moment to sell their rights to the established blog or website.

Some bloggers get into the field for personal reasons, such as providing a virtual (but public) diary, documenting their successes or failures, or sending information to friends or relatives. Others start blogging with high expectations of thousands of dollars of revenue every month, usually as the result of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Finally, professionals and business persons begin a blog as an addition to their existing websites, adding to the overall informational archives or promoting their services.If you owned a television studio and were actively broadcasting television shows, you would seek advertising revenues, right?

Imagine a television studio who did nothing, who continued to operate without generating any income. How long do you suppose that they could continue in the green? My guess is, for as long as the CEO of the station could continue to shell out the bucks.

A blog which does not tap into the vast wealth and potential of advertising is no better than the television station producer which sits on his or her hands.

Blogs provide such an enormous income generating potential that in America, if everyone educated themselves on how to utilize the technology, homelessness could literally be wiped out of the country!So if the earning potential is so astronomical, and the technology is there for the taking, why aren’t more people taking advantage of it? Simply. They are too busy living their lives, working their jobs, getting paid peanuts, and paying their bills to bother.

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Starting a blog takes time, and time is a commodity that the vast majority of the general public does not have enough of. We live in a fast-paced society where even one hour of time off of work can cut to the core, especially for those who are living paycheck to paycheck. True, bloggers are leaving a fortune on the table, but at the same time they know that for the moment, that fortune will not be picked up by someone else.

They know that people are too worried about having a certain amount of income that they can count on than investing themselves and their time in an unknown, unfamiliar avenue such as blogging.Anyone can start a blog, often for free when they are included in one of the many free websites available on the internet today.

It is important to remember that a blog will not develop overnight, neither will the income that it will generate. Since most individuals are busy with work, life, and family obligations, the beginning blogger is advised to proceed slowly. Dedicate an hour a day, a week, a month, whatever you have to spare, but do stick with your dedication.

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Once a blog is created, it will not go away unless you choose to delete it. Whatever work and time you invest during your designated amount of time will be waiting for you when you return later on. The more work you do, the more earning potential you can realize through your blog.

Think of a topic or theme that you are comfortable or familiar with, then use that topic as your own personal niche on the web.Once your blog has been established, and you have started to generate some traffic, you can set out to find advertisers who provide goods or services similar to your niche. Granted, bloggers may be leaving a fortune on the table, but now you can come along and steal it from under their noses!


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