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Blog advertising saved me!

I owe a company of cosmetic products that due to the financial crisis came very close to bankruptcy. I have to admit, i`ve never thought that blog advertising could help me in any way, and I was really suprised to see that the sales have significantly increased thanks to blog advertising!Since this company is still at the beginning, I didn`t have neither the time nor the money to expand it and open more shops all around the world, this is why most people are unaware of the existance of our products. We offer a large variety of high quality skin care and hair care products and this is why advertising is highly important when it comes to promoting and launching new products, keeping in mind the market competition.Nowadays, people use TV commercials to present their products or offers, but there are so many of them that people get bored and change the channel. Blog advertising comes in hand whenever you want to present something, and due to the fact that your ad doesn`t appear in only one blog but many of the most known blogs that deal with this, your chances of becoming more known among consumers are significantly increased.At first I thought that I should give it a try and see if it works, so I chose a blog advertising agency that had only a few blogs so they didn`t charge me too much. As said, I was surprise to see that the sales to that particular product increased with 22% within two months! It was absolutely great so I decided to do the same with more and more products, but this time I chose agencies with a great number of blogs involved in advertising.It is ideal for both small and large companies, whether they`re well known to the consumers or they have just entered the market. The prices aren`t too high, and even if they were, trust me it`s worth it. You might get to even double your sales within a couple of months, which is good for your company. You got two benefits: you will become more and more known and you will be in a continue development and expansion of the company because of the increased sales.I didn`t even know that there is such thing as blog advertising until one day when a good friend of mine suggested me to try this, knowing my company`s financial situation. He explained me how it works and as I said, I decided to give it a try. I am now happy that I did so and I strongly recommand blog advertising to anybody that has the same problem as I did.To sum up, I am now thinking of opening another company that deals with health care products and use the same method of advertising as I used with the other company, which is blog advertising. I am absolutely convinced that it will have the same effect upon the sales!


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