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When it comes to blog advertising the facts don’t lie:-You could be blogging excerpts from the Bible, but you won’t generate much profit if you don’t put some thought into effective blog advertising.- Visitor traffic is THE most important factor when comes to making money online. If you don’t have visitor traffic and you don’t have blog advertising you’re not going to generate wealth no matter how good your intentions are.- Good advertising can often save a bad blog. But a good blog without advertising serves no purpose — and is bad.Now that we’ve established some ground rules, understand that writing the content is the EASY part! Getting people to look at your blog and click on the ads is the HARD, time-consuming part.Anybody that tells you different is kidding themselves! If effective blog advertising was such a sure thing, there’d be a whole lot more men and women getting rich (or richer) with their blogs!I. In the beginning their was SEOBlog advertising first begins with Search Engine Optimization. Better known as good “ol SEO. SEO works like this: your blog should contain good KEYWORDS based on the SUBJECT of your blog. Let’s say your blog is a homage to David Letterman. The simplest keyword would be Letterman. It could be “The Tonight Show.” Both will probably get you to your blog.As a side-note: if your hosting your blog on you own domain, make sure the html Meta tags on your website contain all of the keywords used to describe the subject of your blog as well. This will help search engines find it.So now you’ve go this kick-ass blog going and you are squeezing every drop out of search engine optimization. Your next step is to build BACKLINKS to it.Backlinks are links from other websites linking to your blog. You can go around posting links to your blog on forums in your signature, but the most effective way to build backlinks to your blog is to submit your blog post to article directories with a link back to your blog.Using our above-mentioned example of David Letterman, your backlinks can include the link for NBC, The Tonight Show, etc. Not only will article directories give you automatic backlinks, but whenever somebody uses one of your articles for content on there website you’ll get another backlink.Another very important, but often overlooked factor of blog advertising is to UPDATE YOUR BLOG FREQUENTLY. The internet consumes web content like a bottomless pit. Why? Because search engines actively search for new content every hour, so the more you update your blog the more they crawl through your blog. This in turn will increase your search engine ranking.Last but certainly not least is that when you finally generate a good amount of content, you need to submit your blog to SOCIAL BOOKMARKING sites. People who tend to bookmark blogs do so because the blogs have a lot of content and said content satisfies their need for providing useful information. It’s a catch-22 situation: bookmarking want happen if you don’t have lots of content. SO get your priorities straight and generate content first.II. You and your blogOver the years, the blogging community has grown at an alarming rate and as a result more and more corporate advertising is being placed on blogs. Blogs are a unique and effective platform that is being used by independent online publishers in which different topics are being published depending on the bloggers niche market.Information, Tips and tricks can be easily shared by blogging. According to a recent study, blog advertising and Internet Marketing is much more effective than radio advertising. When Internet marketing was introduced more than 15 years ago, Internet ads are always in the form of a Banner. Nowadays, Text link advertisement is the most effective and popular form of online advertising.Advertising on blogs can help Advertisers create Buzz and Viral Marketing. Blog Advertising implementation is easy, convenient, cheap, and so effective. As you get popularity, traffic follows next to product awareness and more sales. Blogs as an advertising medium is much cheaper than the traditional advertising media. Blog advertising is the most effective way to create your brand now that everything is already online.If you want your products and services to be recognized, then you will need to advertise on blogs. Blog advertising can also boost your website’s search engine visibility for your brands better placement on search results.III. Blog advertising basicsEvery Internet surfer knows that a blog is a kind of basic web site that is actually a system of connected pages or rather posts that are organized by date with the most recent post presented first. Blogs where used as online diaries in the earlier days. Today, with blog advertising, blogs are used for effective Internet marketing and to make money blogging. Blog advertising is simply the advertising connected with a blog.The first important reason why blog advertising is a good choice is that blogs are usually updated frequently and so visited by the search engines more often than static web pages. This means your advertisement and link will get noticed sooner.Another big reason is that many blogs are highly read which means that your advertisement will be placed in front of a large audience. Even better, if you select the blog you advertise on with care then you will match your ad with the target readership of the blog so the resulted traffic will be very targeted. Best of all, you could start getting that targeted traffic within minutes of your advertising hitting the web.IV. Blog basicsLike we said earlier: effective blog advertising can save a bad blog. But with a little work you won’t have to worry that your blog is not going to pull in readers. Consider the following tips:- The headline draws the reader in: Lets face it; few readers will read a post whose headline doesn’t entice them in some way. A post that doesn’t get read in the first place is obviously not an effective post, so a compelling headline is essential.- A concrete detail or visual illustrates the benefit promised in the headline. Not all blogs use images, for any number of reasons, but if you don’t, your first paragraph or two should concretely illustrate the benefit your headline promises.- The lead expands the theme of the heading. The opening of a blog post should not just be concrete but it should expand on and deepen the promise made in the headline (this applies to leads after subheads, too).- The layout is clear and easy to read. The perils of presenting text on the computer screen are, by now, fairly well-established. Readers have little patience for electronic text, blogs included.- The post covers the topic in a logical sequence.- The post is persuasive. The most effective posts lay out an argument in a way that leads the reader to agreement of sympathy with the author’s position.- The post is interesting to read. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But if your post is boring, chances are it will be skipped.- The post asks for some action. This is probably the most overlooked part of writing an effective post. Of course, it’s not always clear what the “action” is “‘ if you’ve just written a thousand words about what a jerk your boss is, you might not have any particular action in mind, at least not consciously. But just think: if you don’t know what the action you expect of your reader is, how much less will they know?So there you have it: blog advertising for dummies, except but we both know YOU’RE NO DUMMY. Hopefully you can see how the success of your blog is tied to blog advertising and the click-rate of ads on your blog is tied to meaningful content that you provide and that other people want to read.


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