The best business directories are those that help business owners with targeted submission. Initially, business directories worked like the modern search engines. When search engines were introduced, things changed but only slightly. Today, directories are used for link building, generation of traffic and for internet marketing.

The following are the Best Business directories in the market today:
This is one of the best business directories by yahoo. Yahoo is one of the famous search engines in the market today, and it charges for its directory services. Most of the users of this directory are in the US, but you can access it from other parts of the world for a monthly fee of 299 dollars.
This is another paid business directory that receives a monthly traffic of over 6 million visitors. Therefore, listing your business via this directory gives you access to all those visitors who are either visiting for web directory of search engine services. It has been in operation since the year 1999. To access the directory services of, you will be required to pay an annual registration fee of 199 dollars.
This is a one of the best business directories because it has listing services for everyone. New business owners who are still operating on minimum budgets can enjoy the free listing services from, while premium users can access unlimited listing at a fee of 25 dollars.
This is classified among the best business directories because it offers permanent submission rights to interested subscribers. There is also an option of annual subscription, depending on your needs and budgetary constraints.
This directory is available for users from all over the globe, giving you the opportunity to reach out to as many users as possible. There are unique listing and subscription rules and so you need to be very careful when using this directory. While you may be required to pay for listing, yellowpages gives young brands the opportunity to enjoy limited free services. Listings are displayed for a period of 1 year.
This directory has been in operation since the year 1995. It is one of the best business directories because it is very user friendly, with strict rules on the nature of content posted by users. You are not supposed to post any pornographic or adult content, or list blogs and directories. You will be required to pay a fee of 99 dollars every year in order to enjoy the listing services by starting point.
This is also one of the oldest directories, having been in operation since the year 1996. So far, a total of around 228,000 categories have been created in this directory in order to facilitate easy submissions. Therefore, it is very easy to use this directory since almost all categories have been defined clearly. Your target clients will not spent a lot of their time trying to search your brand, especially if you choose the right category. This directory has a search tool that facilitates quality search, giving it an edge over most other directories.


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