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Best Blog Advertising Methods to Bring in Traffic

When it comes to blog advertising, you don’t have to spend extra ordinate amounts of money to get the traffic you want. There are several different ways to advertise your blog, many of which are free. This will show you different ways you can advertise your blog so you’ll have a better grasp of which steps you need to take to work toward greater traffic.

Entrecard: This service allows you to create a virtual business card of sorts to “drop” on other blogs. Cards dropped on blogs will show as advertisements. The more cards you drop, the more advertising on other blogs you will earn. It’s a completely free service and relies on the fact that all bloggers want and need traffic to work.

You’ll need to spend some time creating your account, but as long as you set aside some time every day to drop cards and respond to those who have dropped theirs, it will be a very good method of advertising for you.

Blog Comment Campaigns: This is very simple. All you need to do is find a bunch of blogs you can regularly read and comment on. These blogs should be related to your own. If you take the time to read and provide valuable input to other bloggers, you’ll get a link back to your blog on their website, and other people who read it may decide to come visit your blog.

It is important to provide valuable information because of the SPAM comments that are out there from people just trying to get links. If you regularly comment on blogs, you may find that the owners of these blogs will come back and regularly comment on yours.

Blog Carnivals: Blog Carnivals allow you to take a break from your regular posting habits to showcase other posts. You can do this for all of your blogs, and make it a regular blog carnival, with the help of Blog Carnival. If you don’t want to run your own Blog Carnival, you can submit different posts from your blogs to a variety of different carnivals. The carnivals highlight what your post is about and provide a link back to your blog. To be the most successful with this kind of blog advertising, you should both host your own blog carnival and submit posts to others.

Twitter, Facebook and MySpace: These are all forms of social media where you can build followers and friends and connect with both current and potential blog readers. You can advertise your newest blog posts or present readers with news of a contest, all for free. You can get feedback from your readers not publicly posted in the form of a comment, and have fun connecting with your readers outside of the blog so you may find new things to blog about.

Blog Plugins: Depending on the blogging platform you use, you may be able to find plugins that will help you with your blog advertising. There are several different options for WordPress users who use WordPress.org on their own domains.

Blog advertising is very important to the success of your blog, because without readers, you won’t be able to experience all of the benefits associated with blog ownership, including making money. Do you have any other ways you advertise your blog? Share them with the rest of us so we can all share the wealth.


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