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Benefits of Paper Shredding for Businesses

Author: Robert Gombos

Written evidence is as important today as it was 100 years ago, but what should you do with all the documents and files when they are no longer needed? Paper shredding is critical for the safekeeping of sensitive and confidential information. Paper shredding offers a convenient and safe means of destroying private paperwork.

Using a professional paper shredding company ensures all your documents and paperwork are securely destroyed and taken away for recycling. Paper shredding is a great way of destroying all sorts of data from bank statements, bills, contact details of customers, and much more. Here are some of the benefits of paper shredding for businesses research by Security in Shredding.

It is Environmentally Friendly 

Every business owner is seeking different ways to do more for the environment like stopping paper wastage.

Recycle as many items as possible to reduce the size of the carbon footprint. Shredding paper is much more friendly to the environment. When paper is shredded, it is then removed to a recycling plant where it is converted back into paper again. Recycling paper helps sustain our forests and preserve the environment. Here are some environmental statistics in which a company could attribute and recycle 4,600kg of paper:

  • By recycling paper, you use 55% of the energy that it takes to turn wood into paper.
  • It takes 17 trees to make 1 tone of paper
  • If the paper is disposed of in a landfill it produces both CO2 and methane
  • By recycling you use 42% of the energy that it takes to turn wood into paper through pulping

Recycling and reusing strips of shredded paper from shredding machines will help preserve and protect our forests.

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Protects Customer and Client Data 

When a client provides you with their data and information, they would expect it to be always kept safe and confidential. There will always be data and important information found on paper documents that could fall into the wrong hands.

Data thieves can benefit and profit greatly if they get ahold of information belonging to your customer and clients. No matter what business type you are, there will always be some sensitive and private information collected, therefore Professional paper shredding enables you to dispose of this easily and quickly.

Increases Productivity 

Document shredding can take time, whereas this time could be spent generating revenue for the business. Rather than having your employees go through the step-by-step process of shredding paper and documents in the office, you could hire a professional shredding service outside to do the job for you.

All sensitive business documents will continue to be disposed of properly leaving your employees to work continuously towards your company goals and increasing productivity. Over time, hours will be wasted on an inefficient task that could be outsourced. Office shredders are not meant to handle a significant amount of paper. With the shredding company machines, they can shred hundreds of documents in a swift time.

Outsourcing Shredding will Save you Money 

Many businesses avoid outsourcing to a shredding company due to the costs, however, in-house shredding would cost you more time and money. Maintaining a shredding program in your business can be expensive and you should consider the following factors:

  • Purchasing disposal bags
  • Utility expenses
  • Purchasing shredders
  • Replacing in operatable shredders
  • Performing maintenance
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Outsourcing saves you money in the long term and your employee productivity level will be up. All you pay for with the shredding company is the service. Your employees will have more time, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs and maintenance, and shredding safety training. A professional shredding company will give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run.

Compliance with the Law 

There are various laws in which it states it’s an organization’s responsibility to protect the personal information of its clients and employees. Their information must be kept confidential and only used with their permission.

Specific trades such as in the medical and legal industry, have obligations to meet the safe disposal of personal information. Everyone has the right to personal protection. There are some laws that will penalize the improper disposal of documents with confidential and sensitive content. It is also vitally important if you are setting up a limited company.

More Storage Space and frees up the Clutter 

Paper shredding is a very convenient way of destroying all documents and paper information in a secure and safe manner. With all unnecessary documents cleared out and shredded it will make room for a lot of extra storage space. Piles of documents and files cause clutter and increase the risk of a fire. Businesses need to destroy documentation if it is not needed as part of an organization-wide records management system.

Improves your Reputation 

The reputation of your business is one of the most important assets. If you don’t destroy personal documentation the right way, it could fall into the wrong hands which would compromise the trust of your employees and your clients. Professional shredding will protect the reputation of your business by providing secure and reliable destruction of all documentation and information regarding your clients.

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People have put a lot of trust in your business and expect their personal information to be safe and secured at all times. Once the shredding is complete, every client receives a destruction certificate, which is used to confirm documentation destruction on a legal basis. This in turn increases and improves the reputation of your business.

Convenient, Quick, and Efficient 

Paper shredding services are unique and convenient and can benefit everyone. All your data will be protected giving you peace of mind. A small regular shredding machine can only go through one to two sheets at a time without jamming and you may need to wait for the shredder to cool down after a lot of use, however with professional mobile shredding machines they can destroy well over 375lbs of paper in just a few minutes.

It is an efficient and quick process to suit every business or residential customer. As a business client, you will be guaranteed that your information and documents have been destroyed with no chance of retrieval or reconstruction. As a company, you will be managing your disposal of paper in an eco-friendly and smart way.

By outsourcing your paper shredding services, you can rest assured that your private and personal information will be disposed of, that your recycling doesn’t put your business at risk, and your business is up to productivity standards.


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