Basic Rules to Get Bigger Hips, Perfect Waist, and a Nice Flat Stomach

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Is that your wish? Your desire? What are you willing to give for it? Do you think you have what it takes to acquire such a prized possession?

Most women want to have bigger hips, a small waist, and a flat tummy. It is not something they innately want but it is something they want because they want to be attractive and find their suitors.

Nonetheless, most women have a challenge acquiring these features on their bodies. I must say that to some extent, it is either you have it or you don’t. Your body type is what will ultimately determine whether you’ll have these features to the proportion you want. From that perspective, let’s discuss what it takes to have big hips, a perfect waist, and a nice flat stomach.


If you want the small waist big hips kind of body, you should be prepared to pay the price it takes to have one. Most guides, coaches, and other sources of information and advice will tell you that you need to eat right and work out. Few of them will tell you what it takes to eat right and work out. It takes discipline and dedication. If a program tells you that you will get the perfect body you want in less than 3 months, it is likely to be a lie. Maybe you will get results, in that; you’ll notice a difference here and there. However, it is rare that you can get from being overweight to having your dream body in less than three months. That is why most workout programs and diet plans will promise results around 90 days. Please note that these are just results and not necessarily the ultimate results.

For things to work out, you need to be prepared to follow whatever workout program you choose to the latter. It takes discipline for you to follow a work out plan by yourself with no one on your back to monitor how you are following the program. Even with someone to supervise you, you still need to be dedicated to the program because you have the liberty to quit or slack off. Fitness trainers can only guide you but it is up to you to stay motivated and dedicated to the program if you want to see results. Without discipline, you have failed even before you begin. The following suggestions will only work if you are disciplined enough to observe them.


Eat Right

You have probably heard that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. It simply means that what you eat is what ultimately determines what your body will look like. You have also probably heard that ‘you are what you eat’.

Eating right is about various things. First, you have to watch what you eat. There are foods that are good for your body and there those that are not. You have to determine what is generally healthy for the human body and then determine what is specifically healthy for your body. People are different, and in as much as it is generally recommended that you should avoid some foods, you could get away with eating them without any consequences. For instance, I’m sure you know someone who eats whatever they want and they still maintain a very attractive body. You could be one of them. Another example is that not everyone can enjoy dairy products, and there are people who are allergic or intolerant to some foods. Determine what you can eat and what you cannot eat. People have different body types. Some people retain fat easily and some will take ages before their bodies start showing signs of gaining weight. If you are the former, it is best you observe the plan of staying away from foods that encourage weight gain, and stick to eating plans that encourage weights loss.


Workout, Resistance, and Weight Training

Regardless of your body type, working out is essential to keep your body always fit. If you are overweight, you will find just starting with simple workouts the best approach for you to start training. After your body gets used to the workout routines you are doing, you will notice that you are more fit, and you will notice that you have not lost as much fat as you wanted. That’s where resistance and weight training comes in. Resistance and weight training are the most effective ways of burning fat from your body and attaining that flat stomach, bigger hips, and small waist. Provided you are eating right, regular workouts that involve a lot of cardio, resistance, and weight training will prove to be very effective and you will soon see yourself transform into that perfect body you have always wanted.

However, I mentioned earlier that your body type is what will ultimately determine how curvy you will be after you’ve lost all that extra fat and acquired the lean muscle you’ve always wanted. Don’t expect to have a curvy body like Amber Rose or Nicki Minaj when that’s not the body type you have. Women’s body types are essentially ‘Hour-glass shaped, Pear-shaped, or Apple shaped. Moreover, the hip to waist ratio varies among women. With some women, the ratio is high but small with others. Know your body type first so that once you get rid of that extra fat, you’ll know what to expect, or you’ll understand why you are the way you are.

You cannot give what you do not have. Love yourself and be contented with who you are. There are things you can change and there are things you cannot. Whatever is beyond your control let it be, and whatever is within your control, make the necessary changes to make yourself feel good and be happy. Eat right, workout, take good care of yourself and learn to love yourself first. No one else will ever do that for you.


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