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App Conversion Rate: 5 Easy Tips That Matter The Most

They say it’s an art to add refined conversion rates to your newly developed app. But we take it as science. And, when it is science, we have got all the hacks to let you know the actual process that we will define later in the write-up.

There is an exceptional set of technologies that you can actually perform to improve app conversion rate in the App Store. Although finding the right asset is your responsibility.

Additionally, it is not only about finding the right asset, but also matching the user expectation through the application. Having the know-how of app marketing technique will also help you to add conversions to your application. Let’s now quickly review the positives that increase the conversion rate for any application.

  • Positive App Reviews

Positive app reviews build users’ trust in an application add more to the possibility of app download further.

  • Social Proof

Social proof again acts as a determining factor for the excessive download of an application. If your app shows a proof, users are sure to download the same.

  • App Rating

The app rating is a defined feature to know the popularity of an application. If your app has a higher rating it will grab the attention of the users instantly.

  • App Downloads

The higher the downloads the more it will receive from the users. The downloads count of your application is a metric for its further downloads.

Ways To Increase App Conversion Rate

An Enticing App Icon

The app icon is the first thing that any user notices about an application. This makes the app icon a critical aspect for the success of the application. The icon should come out as an enticing piece of symbol for the users that attracts them. It must also come as a recognizable piece of the picture that clearly defines its significance. Ensure that the app icon comes out as a clear representation of your application as well as the feature it has. In case it provides as much of a clue as possible for the users to guess the significance of the same, the app is sure to get downloaded instantly.

Make the App Description Count Towards App Conversion

People only read the first line. Why not make it count for your application in the form an extended app conversion? Keep your description simple and to the point so that users could know the significance of your application in the first go. No reader, either belonging to Google Play or App Store likes to read much of a description so keep the details of your app short and crispy. Try not to repeat the message that you have already posted on the screenshot of the application.

Employing Clear Promotion Techniques

If your app has a permanent pay-to-download monetization model, you can experiment with other models to drive out the sales and to increase the app conversion rate. The technique may not work with every single application but it is an exciting option to add more downloads. Additionally, it is a technique for the applications that have an established base in the app store. Experimenting may go wrong and that is why it is important to try out with those applications that will not get affected easily by other marketing strategies for app conversion rate.

Using App Video to Increase App Conversion Rate

Users who watch a promotional app video are 3x more likely to download & install the application. A video increases exploring the behavior of the app, which counts in the favor of the app. Videos can impact the conversions by 23% that will prominently matter for the outreach of your application. Amidst all these, it is important to have a quality app video to explain the users the benefits of the application. The video must explain the significance of the application to the users to entice them towards enriching their app downloads.

The Appropriate Keyword Usage

The keywords that users are making use of while searching for an application must be embedded in the app title and in the description too. Additionally, the relevance of these keywords matters a lot. So, take time to perform the keyword research to see which keywords are performing the best and tend to get more traffic. It is important to be keyword-specific while adding the same to your application. But never choose a keyword just because it has a high-search volume. The keyword must seem relevant to the application and the audience as well. Irrelevant keywords are never going to take your app in the top searches.

Key Takeaway

Generating high downloads in the form of excessive app conversion rate is not an easy thing to accomplish but proper strategy i.e. the ones that have been listed above can help you gain higher traffic and thereafter the visibility to the application. Remember to keep the preferences of your targeted audience in the mind as they are the ones who will bring you the real traffic. Additionally, it is also important to keep the latest trends in the mind to accompany with all the trends that we have listed above. Also, try using those suggestions only that prove to be beneficial for your application. A thorough research would help you to find out the best technique.


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