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Advertising Online in 2015!?

Marketing people spend a great deal of time analyzing existing trends and trying to determine how those trends will affect future business decisions. One of the things that has entered into nearly every discussion about advertising is the internet and how the internet is affecting business on a daily basis and how the internet will continue to affect business in the days to come.The internet has changed the way companies look at advertising and there are many reasons why more companies every day are turning to the internet as a major source of advertising and why by 2015 the internet could be playing a much larger role in the advertising world.The biggest reason why the internet continues to gain in popularity, and why by 2015 it will be a huge source of advertising revenue and a place where companies prefer to advertise, is that it is instantly interactive. Customers are able to give their instant input to the company placing the advertising and this is a goldmine for marketing and advertising departments all over the world.To be able to put out an advertising campaign that allows instant interaction with their customers is something that any company would prefer to have over any other kind of advertising.The only hitch to interactive internet advertising is that there are a lot of people out there that use malicious programs and viruses to attack unsuspecting computers and many people do not trust interactive internet advertising because of this virus threat. It is the corporate world’s best interest to address the virus issue and a great deal of work is being done in that direction.Another reason why the internet will revolutionize advertising by 2015 is that the information on the internet can be altered or changed in an instant. It is impossible to change a print ad once it is published and backtracking on a television or radio commercial can take days and cost a lot of money.With the internet changes can be made in an instant and new advertising campaigns can be launched within hours that would reach millions of people all over the world.Given its direct contact with the public the internet is also a less expensive option than most other forms of advertising media. There are millions of people on the internet at any given time and finding the right vehicles to reach those people is not that difficult.Internet advertising is still relatively inexpensive compared to the mass audience it reaches in an instant and one of the big changes in advertising by 2015 could very well be a significant increase in the advertising rates for advertising on the internet. The companies that are scrambling now to be the premier advertising vehicles for internet traffic could very well be competing to be a major part of the fastest revenue growing advertising market in history.The internet will change advertising by 2015 and the interactive nature of the internet could very well change the way all companies do business as well. Once you give the consumer the ability to give instant feedback on an advertisement they saw then you could find companies scrambling to react to that feedback to capture a new potential market.The internet is accused of making the world seem smaller and as more countries get online that accusation will not only be well deserved by 2015 but extremely accurate.


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