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Advertisements on the Brain

Advertising has become a very powerful part of media all across the globe. If you are watching a one hour television program then generally there are at least fifteen minutes of commercials from start to finish.

Have you ever asked yourself why I have bought this item? The answer usually is because I saw it on television and I knew that I had to go out and buy it.

Billions of dollars in revenue are made from advertisements that are aired on television. If you want to market your product then you will need to run advertisements on television and on the Internet in order to make your product known to the masses.

In today’s tough economic times many people are opting to stay home and watch television than go out and go out to dinner or see a movie. There are so many channels to choose from but wherever you go the commercials are sure to follow you.

People spend days working on advertising campaigns in order to get into the minds of consumers. They want to know how they can market their products to make them enticing to you so that you will buy them even if you do not need them or cannot afford them.

Some of the best advertising slogans are still well known today, some of them include: I am coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, diamonds are forever, reach out and touch someone, it’s everywhere you want to be, and the real thing. These slogans are immediately recognized by people all across the world and this name recognition is very beneficial to companies.

The people who pitch these products to you need to relate to you so that they can be on your level and market consumer products to you. For instance, seeing products used on television makes the at home viewer feel more secure about buying the product. You do not want to spend money on a product that does not work or does not satisfy a need that you have.

We all know how tough it is to see fast food on television and not become hungry for a big juicy burger or a slice of pizza. Seeing something on television is a big factor in why people buy things. If items are visually appealing then they will be more inclined to be remembered by your five senses.

The next time that you flip on your television you should look at all of the different advertisements that appear during your favorite shows. You will see the advertising genius at work. Even if you think you are not impacted by advertising you are; in many aspects of your life whether you want to admit it or not. Where would we be without advertising? Hopefully, we will never have to find out.


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