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5 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Marketing Methods

In the digital age of marketing, attention spans are shorter and the competition between brands has grown much more intense. Best marketing methods are consistently changing to keep up with the demand of both consumer and competitor, so it’s important to regularly monitor marketing efforts to ensure that your brand’s message is delivered clearly and effectively.

Create Visual Stimulation

Using photos to deliver a brand message can be very effective, and often has a greater outreach to potential clients and investors than written messages alone. Whether sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter, or reaching out to the audience via mobile apps such as Instagram, visual stimulation helps PC’s to gain a more personal insight into the brand.

In addition to using photos, marketing methods can be further enhanced by focusing on creating visual stimulation through written content. Using short, descriptive sentences to paint a clear picture in the reader’s mind of the product or service can help to deliver the key points of your brand to the PC. Ask yourself the following questions about your content:

  • Does it provide a clear and accurate description of the brand’s core values, objectives and services or products?
  • Does the content explain to potential clients or investors how the product or service will benefit them?
  • Does the written content distinguish and differentiate the brand’s products or services from the competitors?

If the above questions cannot be answered clearly and vividly, focus on developing new explanations to support the goals of the brand and the needs of the PC.

Go Mobile for Greater Outreach

The advancements in mobile technology ranging from smartphones to PC tablets have opened new doors for brands and marketers to stay connected with new and existing PC’s to gain feedback and to encourage potential clients to take action and invest in their product or service. These communication and marketing tools have made it easier for marketers to connect with their audiences by incorporating consumer trends into their operational and marketing strategies.

There are a number of ways to reach consumers via mobile technology, ranging from SMS, video and voice messages to mobile apps, QR codes, websites and blogs. And while mobile marketing is certainly still in its early stages, industry experts are already taking advantage of mobile technology and capabilities to pave the way into the future for marketers and brands everywhere.

Email Marketing, Evolved

Despite mobile marketing efforts and the rise of social media platforms, email marketing is still prevalent within the industry and really isn’t showing any signs of becoming irrelevant in the near future. Though it is true that marketers are not putting email marketing at the lead of their efforts, email is frequently used to nurture potential clients through the investment process.

To improve email marketing results, it is helpful to track which links and emails achieve the highest click through rates, test how those rates are affected by the time of day and focus on creating subject lines that will pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to open the email. Then, follow up with rich, descriptive and compelling content.

Let Social Media Platforms Do the Work

Trends are always changing on social media platforms, so it is critical to be consistent in delivering compelling and quality content. Whether a brand posts 3 or 10 updates per day on social networks, each individual update should be both helpful and inspire readers to take action of some sort. Creating a custom schedule for social media marketing can also be helpful in achieving higher click-through rates when marketers focus on sending out updates in a timely manner when social media traffic is at its peak.

In addition to creating consistent updates, marketers should also be aware of the trends and regulations for each of their social media networks. Keeping in mind that not all potential clients are members of the same social networks, creating an array of content that virtually echoes over these different platforms is the best way to reach out to various groups of PC’s.

Offline Marketing is Still Relevant

With so much change and growth occurring in the Internet realm, it can be easy to slip up and fall behind on offline marketing efforts, sometimes even forgetting that many great tools still exist. Much of the world’s population is now online, but there are still many who aren’t on the Internet and are not hearing the digital messages of brands everywhere.

It’s no secret that the best marketing strategy is face-to-face connections.

Business cards, television commercials, brochures, coupons and even traditional direct mail will still be relevant tools for some time to come.


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