5 Eco-Friendly Ideas For the Home

spacious walk-in showers

One of the hottest topics of conversation seems to be centered on the environment and what we as humans can do to protect it. While much of our effort seems concentrated on how to make appropriate changes in the world in general, we should also focus our attention on improving our personal carbon footprint to benefit the environment. Here are five ideas to help you and your family live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Save More Water

Water is the planet’s most precious natural resource, and a resource every living thing needs to survive. There are many ways to conserve more water that go beyond turning the sink off as you brush your teeth. A growing trend is the use and installation of spacious walk-in showers, which save not only time, but a great deal of water if you take out your traditional shower and bathtub combination. Plus, they look beautiful in your home. You can also install rain collecting barrels in your back or front yard for additional water collecting. Although this water may not be the best to drink, it can be used in your garden or on your lawn.

Learn To Compost

Minimizing or reusing waste in the kitchen is an excellent method of helping the environment in your home. Food scraps and other household wastes break down and form organic material that can be used in your garden. When done correctly, compost is very nutrient dense and is extremely healthy when added to store purchased soils.

Remove Plastic

Cutting back or eliminating plastic in the home is an easy way to help the environment without a lot of human effort. Replace plastic bags with store purchased reusable bags for groceries, produce, and packed lunches. Leftover food from meals can be stored in glass containers, which not only wash up easier but are household items people usually don’t want to replace over-and-over. Cheese cloths and beeswax paper are great alternatives for plastic wrap.

Consider Solar Power

Solar panels are eco-friendly and cost effective. A serious change to your home, solar panels are installed on the roofs as an alternative source of clean energy. Solar energy is used for electricity, water heating, and HVAC. The panels can lower your monthly bill cost, and their use is completely natural.  They can also be used beyond the roof of a house, such as an RV or office building.

Rethink Your Transportation

Consider your family’s busy lifestyle before you make serious transportation changes, but there are a few things you can do immediately to lower your carbon footprint. Consider carpooling with other families in your neighborhood for school drop-off and pick-up. Ride a bicycle to your local grocery store if you only need a few items. The exercise will feel wonderful too. If it’s an option, take a train instead of an airplane to your next family vacation destination.

Environmentally friendly homes can still be simple and cost effective, not complicated and expensive. Any small thing you and your family can do to help the environment will benefit the world in the longer term.


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