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22 reasons why blog advertising is the best promoting method

  1. Get your site reviewed as part of your promotional strategy. Our list of qualified reviewers will provide great opinion for your web site or service.
  2. Our blog reviews will put forward you direct traffic from quality blogs along with the best marketing methods for your products and services.
  3. Our reviews are planned to Make accessible Your Product or Site Launch by bringing you aimed traffic.
  4. Getting Reviewed by our Bloggers will correct the link popularity of your website and improve you Search Engine Rankings.
  5. Our service is Geared Towards Small Companies and New Websites. We want to help you increase Great Testimonials through our reviews of your products/services.
  6. The advantages of using your product or service will be boosted by our reviews as they will have a ready made audience in the form of our blogger’ audiences.
  7. We specialise in Search Engine Optimization & our services will ensure that you receive links from text surrounded by relevant content. This is assured to improve the quality and popularity of your website and is the method that experts use.
  8. Establish favorable brand value about your website.

Let Your Website Profit From Our Blog Reviews:

Our Blog Reviews are Guaranteed to bring Valuable Traffic to Your Website. They will also provide you with Valuable Link Building.

  1. blogadvertisingstore Blog Reviews are affordable.
  2. blogadvertisingstore guarantees that your site will be reviewed on indexed, and established High Ranking Blogs which will deliver Targeted Traffic to your site.
  3. Multiple backlinks from blogs with at least a page rank 2, static, one-way backlinks to your website. You don’t have to worry about linking back to any other websites; this is not a reciprocal link building service.
  4. Deep linking, this means that all the pages in your blog will be fully optimized rather than just the home page. This will drastically increase the visibility of your website, and increase the amount of pages that bring traffic from the SERPS.
  5. We offer benefits that are much harder to obtain if you rely on directory submissions alone.
  6. Contextual backlinks from website reviews. This means you will get incoming links from prominent blogs each of which will be embedded in relevant and related written content.
  7. The above is a major factor in growing your search engine rankings and increasing the value of the incoming links.
  8. Unique content posting: Unique blog reviews guarantee that there will be no penalties for duplicate content.

Key Features:

  1. Most blog websites are located on different IPs.
  2. Up to 3 anchor texts per blog entry with the option of deep linking.
  3. Users can receive from 1 to 1000 blog reviews..
  4. Search engines are ‘pinged’ once the blog submission is completed.
  5. All blog entries provide great SEO value, and are ideally suited for ‘relevant’ link building.
  6. Detailed report once reviews are done.

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