The process of searching for and building high quality links can be quite tumultuous to say the least. Getting quality backlinks can take quite a bit of time, money and effort. This includes links for guest blogging, article marketing, resource requests and commenting on blogs, to name a few.

However, as you already know, it is recommended to have a good website with trustworthy content. This is always appealing for others to cite you using a hyperlink.

In my opinion, webmasters should not focus solely on building backlinks and check if those backlinks are dofollowed of nofollowed but, instead, they should care much more about the user experience and visibility. When you hear a name a gazzilion times, you remember that name and psychologicallyaffects you in one way or another.

Visibility of a website is crucial when it comes to trustworthiness. When you own a website, it is advisable to let other know that. Every day we use Facebook, Twitter, bookmarking sites, Youtube and Vimeo, Google+, Squidoo, Hubpages and more. On all these websites we gain, over time, a reputation which is linked to our name. You just can’t be “someone” on the Internet using fake names like John Doe.

What I’m trying to say is that associating our website(s) with our names is a very good tactic, both for users and for search engines.

In this article I will describe only a few of the websites we use everyday and on which I was able to get a link to my web directory. If you want, you can click of each link to see the actual profile page.

  1. Page Rank: 6
  2. Upon completing your site’s profile, you are able to email them and request the permission to have dofollow links allowed on your page. I wrote a neutral description of what my web directory is all about.
  3. You are allowed to use anchor text for your keywords.
  4. The crawl rates are fast.

  1. Page Rank 8
  2. Dofollow link, if you signup for $9.99/month for their certified metrics service.



  1. Page Rank: 9
  2. NoFollows your website’s url link
  3. Crawl rates are fast



  1. Page Rank: 7
  2. Dofollow Links (profile and lenses)
  3. Fast crawling rates.
  4. Passes through authority, trust rank as well as pagerank.
  5. Examples of lenses I wrote: this and this.
  6. Be aware that you should only submit unique, quality content.



  1. Private PR.
  2. Nofollow link in your profile description.
  3. Include site’s url on profile when signing up for your twitter account



  1. PR: 6
  2. Very fast crawl rate (I added a hub and in a few minutes it was indexed by Google)
  3. Nofollow links at the begining but as soon as you gain a hubscore of at least 75, all your links from all your hubs and profile will be dofollow.
  4. Example of hubs I added: 1, 2, 3, 4.



  1. All links are dofollow.
  2. Make sure you make your profile visible to search engines (and people).


Facebook Fanpage

1. PR: 9
2. Nofollowed link.
3. Able to rank on SERPs quickly for your brand name.
4. Great for page indexing, and fast rate of crawling.
5. Page rank is easy to gain, all that is needed is an active page and external links which point to it. Unable to pass through page rank, however will pass trust and authority on to your site
6. Very good for visibility.

  1. You should develop a plugin
  2. PR 9.
  3. You can embed keywords into your bio, all are dofollow.

  1. Nice and easy, private PR.
  2. Dofollow profile links.
  3. You can embed your keyword into the About me field.

  1. PR 3
  2. Add your website after you create your profile.
  3. Dofollow.

  1. Page Rank 4
  2. Only the URL is allowed but it is dofollow.

  • PR: 7
  • Permits only the URL to be submitted as your homepage, it is dofollowed.

  1. PR7
  2. Dofollow profile link allowed
  3. Very trustworthy page

  1. PR8
  2. Dofollow URL allowed
  3. Very good in situations when you get involved in some activity and followers will check out your website


Making it Work

Instead of building artificial links through networks only for the sake of having them indexed, you can now interlink the pages you build from high quality websites which have authority.

You are also able to make a post, like this one, or page which contains every one of the external links to ensure the links from these sites are counted by search engines.

One Day Could Make All the Difference

All you need is one day to set aside and take the time to build high quality free links through each of the above websites.

Make sure they resemble valuable links not only to search engines, but to individuals as well. Quality always trumps quantity, so make sure you describe your site links accurately, and with great confidence. Show that you are a reputable website, with power. Search engine optimization is important, but more importing is how others see you.

While link building is considered an investment, there is always great returns on something which you got for free.

Robert Gombos

Robert Gombos

Robert Gombos has 15+ years of successful Marketing experience in the software and Internet industries. Combined with BS/MS studies.