Five Novice Errors That Can Cause Your Blog To Fail


Blogging can be a great way to showcase your expertise, gain valuable exposure, and even generate some income for yourself. While many people start blogs, only few succeed to keep them alive and thriving. Too many bloggers make the same rookie mistakes that cause their blogs to fail miserably. If you want your blog to succeed, make sure that you avoid the following five novice errors.

Explore The Truth Behind “Wordiness” And How It Kills Academic Writing Form


The first time I wrote a coursework for my English Literature course, it came back with the following comments. ‘Good arguments however hard to figure out in the rambling forest of words’. One of my MBA professors at Cardiff always insisted, I read your answers to the questions not without a dictionary. That’s right the aim of good academic writing is to use the most effective words to portray your view point. Very often while writing we end up using words which are unnecessary and hence better to be deleted. So here are some ways in which you can improve […]

The Copywriter’s Sales Pitch


Sometimes the hardest part about being copywriter has nothing to do with writing in the first place. Sure, it can be hard remembering the correct usage of the semicolon, but the job gets even trickier when it’s time to close a sale.

Copywriters are trained at communicating with people through beautiful words, graceful sentences, and effective punctuation. But when it comes to phone calls, in-person meetings, or even emails, we can be at a loss. I mean, we were English majors for crying out loud – not business majors!

Ways of Making Money Advertising Businesses


It is a well known fact that even the grandest of money making ventures can fall flat if people do not know the product or service that is being pushed. Therefore, it is prudent to device ways in which you can reach your target audience so as to maximize profits and make the venture a worthwhile effort. Making money advertising businesses is one way in which one can make a little extra income whilst advertising other people’s businesses and whatever products or services that they offer.

Turning hobbies to earnings: Making money online

Our economy is a sinking ship. Until a crane pulls it off the pit of the sea, we need to find more means to earn. But fret not, we have more options now – and it doesn’t take much to get set. We might as well be in the golden age of the internet. With the amount of information floating around, and the plethora of entertaining things to do, it’s continuously evolving and changing the way we live our lives. It allows us to do errands without exerting too much effort. We can now pay our bills, shop online, order […]

Why IZEA sucks both for bloggers and advertisers?

In the last couple of weeks one of my clients asked for some sponsored reviews and the first company I could think of was IZEA with its well knows Back in 2009 (or 2008?, I really forgot) the system was very easy: you, as an advertiser posted an opportunity with some requirements and only the bloggers that met those specific criteria could take that opportunity. That was the way bloggers were making money online. Well, at least one of the ways. Nowadays you create an opportunity but IZEA’s blog network is shitty. I am absolutely positive that 99% of […]

Make money online with niche blogs

One of the most common ways to make money online is by blogging. The first step would be to set up a blog for your niche market, bearing in mind that niche marketing and blogging go hand in hand. You can start by setting up up several small blogs for niches that are of your interest. You’ll be amazed to see how simple the whole process is. Just don’t imagine that you’ll start making money online immediately. That blog or those blogs of yours must grow in order to produce an additional income for you.

Making money on blogs: Advertising options

There are many other advertising options if you don’t want to choose Adsense. A search for “Adsense alternatives” will net a large list of other advertising opportunities. Some work in much exactly the same way as Adsense, others provide inline ads or banners. You should attempt several different advertising programs to see which one works the very best for your blog. Some advertising opportunities act like Adsense and display text ads; others display contextual ads, the double underline words in your body of your text, yet others use graphic ads. This is a list of other advertising sources for your […]

How to make money online writing sponsored reviews

Another method of making money online is writing paid reviews. But I suppose you already know this, so I’ll try to cover those parts you may not be aware of. The first people who made money developing a blog advertising network were IZEA Inc., with their PayPerpost. Then followed shortly after. The principle is simple: 1.       Those who have a blog can sign up 2.       They are entered into a database 3.       An advertiser can sign up on the other side of the system 4.       The advertiser can create rules to allow only specific blogs t write about ‘em: […]

How to make money online from blogging?

As a blogger, the good thing is you’ve got a wide variety of options at your disposal to make money online. My favorite methods of online money making are through affiliate marketing, site advertising and building a brand for myself. Here is a full run-down on some of the top methods to make money with your blog: Private Ad Sales / Banner ad campaigns The most obvious and well known way of generating income online in general, is selling banner ad space on the web site or blog. In the early days, it had been all about the 468×60 banners, […]