Sleep Better With a Custom Mattress

When buying a new mattress, most people just head to the store and lay down on floor models for a few minutes, then pick the mattress they think will be the most comfortable in the size they need—from twin to king. But a few minutes of lounging in plain view of other shoppers, all while a sales associate tries to convince you of the benefits of said mattress, isn’t necessarily the best way to buy.

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How Safe Are Your Calls? Are You Falling Victim to These Conference Call Risks?

Conferencing calling isn’t exactly a new idea. In fact, it’s been around for several years now, ever since hardware and software developers began to discover ways of connecting multiple users on the same line. Today, however, conference calls have become a significant factor in the efficiency and performance of modern businesses. After all, in a world where the average company is more dispersed and remote than ever before, a conference call could be the only way to truly keep your team connected.

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How the Sale of Adjudicated Properties is a Triple-Win

If you’re new to real estate investing, you’re probably familiar with traditional property sales and foreclosure auctions. But what you might not be familiar with yet are what are known as “adjudicated properties”.

Let’s explore the potentially quite profitable – and mutually-beneficial – topic of adjudicated properties so you can decide if they might be a good fit for you.

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You buy a house, but then you make it a home

Your home. This is where you gather with family and loved ones, where you experience life changing events, where you come at the end of the day to relax, entertain, and feel safe. In other words, your home is more than a simple amalgamation of wood, glass and shingles – and that’s why it’s important to keep it nice and sturdy.

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Finding the Web Directory of Your Dreams: A Daunting, Difficult but Rewarding Task

In the days before Google joined the Internet and became the online superpower that it is today, searching the Web for websites related to specific categories, topics and products was like wandering the aisles of a gigantic bookstore with no designated category, subject, author or title indicated anywhere. Online searchers were fortunate if they came across sites offering the information or items they were seeking. It could take quite a long time to locate anything you might need to search for, and there was no guarantee that you would find it – before the days of the World Wide Web Virtual Library, originally Tim Berners-Lee‘s web catalog at CERN..

Internet browsers and purposeful users were greatly relieved when web developers initiated directories that enabled online searchers to utilize a web page database. Now online searchers could locate the data they needed much more quickly and efficiently.

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10 Most Influential Painters in Western Painting

Western painting has gone through various changes over the years. Several artists have made a contribution through their paintings and influence on other painters.

Here are some of the most influential painters in Western paintings and some of their contributions.

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The amazing cliff top monasteries from Greece

Greece has two of the most important orthodox monasteries in the world: the Monasteries of Athos and the Monasteries of Meteora. In Greece, the Church is one of the most important state institutions. The Greeks are known all over the world for their outstanding churches, monasteries and chapels. In fact, the legends say that some islands have more churches than houses.

Meteora means suspended in the air, because indeed, the 6 monasteries encompassed in this compound are situated on top of the strange, but breathtaking pinnacles that rise towards the sky, just beyond the town of Kalampaka, in the northeast corner of Thessaly. 64 gigantic rocks rise from the ground in the heart of northern Greece. The magnificent landscape has been sculpted by wind and water over thousands of years.
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Body modifications: tattoos, body piercing and scarification

Body modification is not a very modern trend, as the young think. Tattoos, piercing and scarification originate in Africa, South Asia and Middle East. History shows that tattoos have always been associated with paganism, shamanism, heathen (Baal worship) and occult mysticism. A shaman is an intermediary between the natural and the supernatural worlds, who is in direct contact with spirits.

Tribal people used to decorate their bodies with images that were thought to be able to banish the evil from their village. Tattooing was often a magical rite, linked to scarification and the tattooing process involved complex rituals and taboos, known only to the shaman and his tribe.
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