Early Memories of Radio-Controlled Cars

Radio-controlled cars have now been around for fifty years. Ever since the 1/12 scale Ferrari 250LM made its appearance in the UK in 1966, followed by the 1/10 scale Ferrari P4 in 1968 (both manufactured by the Italian company, El-Gi), the RC car market has flourished, fed by a universal enthusiasm for building, driving, and maintaining these perfectly formed miniature vehicles. Over the past five decades, a lot of RC-related memories have been made.

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4 Massive Errors that Many B2B Businesses Make

In business as in life, it’s important to think positive and remain optimistic. However, there are times when looking at what’s wrong is just as critical — if not even more — than focusing on what’s right.

And one of the most vivid applications of this wisdom is revealed by highlighting four massive errors that many B2B businesses make, and which ultimately lead to setbacks, sell-offs, and shutdowns.

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4 Ways to Get Funding for Your Small Business Startup

It’s a familiar scenario with two very different endings: you have an outstanding product or service (or both), and an eager customer base that would repeatedly hit the buy button or send in an ongoing stream of purchase orders. So, what’s the problem? Like countless entrepreneurs at the helm of a dynamic start-up, you don’t have the cash you need to turn your small business dream into living — and indeed, profitable — reality.

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You buy a house, but then you make it a home

Your home. This is where you gather with family and loved ones, where you experience life changing events, where you come at the end of the day to relax, entertain, and feel safe. In other words, your home is more than a simple amalgamation of wood, glass and shingles – and that’s why it’s important to keep it nice and sturdy.

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Mergers and acquisitions in Malaysia

Merger and acquisition transactions in Malaysia are an option for international corporations that want to expand their activities in the country. As of recent years, these types of business transactions have become more popular among investors from other jurisdictions, apart from the ones from America, Europe, Japan, or Singapore who were already interested in the Malaysian market. Investors from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and even from Vietnam are looking to exploit the opportunities offered by the Malaysian mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market.

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How to open a company in China

China has adopted a pro-foreign investment policy, increasingly opening its industries and business sectors to foreign investors. The country has specific policies for foreign investments and has four categories of investment sectors: encouraged, permitted, restricted, and prohibited. Foreign investment projects are analyzed based on the category in which they are comprised.

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A Brief History of Mother’s Day in America

Honoring and celebrating Mother’s day traces as far back in recorded history as the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptian goddess Isis was considered the patron saint of women and children. She was revered among the Egyptians who held an annual festival in her honor. Of all of the ancient Egyptian deities, her legend has survived the centuries and even crossed into other cultures.

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The Range of Surprising Benefits of CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol), or cannabis oil is made from the cannabis plant, better known as marijuana. While there is much debate for and against the use of this natural plant, it’s been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. In the 1930s, the recreational abuse of marijuana resulted in the banning of this plant for any use.

In recent years, the attitude towards cannabis oil has changed because it’s been proven to have therapeutic value across several health conditions. The following will discuss the known benefits of CBD.

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Social Media Marketing – Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Social Media Marketing –  Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

There’s no doubt that you use social media in your personal life, and probably at some level to promote your small business. However, your competitors and other small businesses are also on social media, so you aren’t getting what you expected from your marketing efforts across social media platforms. The following will discuss some effective tips that will help you stand out from other businesses on social media.

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