15% of all the adults around the world identify themselves as active smokers!

Based on the latest statistics, around 15% of all the adults around the world identify themselves as active smokers. Every day, thousands of people start smoking cigarettes.  It is also considered that smoking leads to billions of dollars lost for the United States as a result of medical care and loss of productivity.  The most common substances used are tobacco or cannabis and the method consists of either using industrially manufactured cigarettes or hand rolled ones.

Because of the development of science in the latest years, we are more aware of the negative impact it has on our health and also on the people that surround us. Without any doubts, smoking should be either restricted or banned in all public places because of the arguments we are going to discuss in this paper.

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How to open a franchise business in Malaysia?

Franchising is a business concept that allows a brand to expand its reach through a local affiliate who is allowed to carry the brand name and sell the products. This way of doing business has a significant number of advantages for both parties involved and it is an increasingly popular means of starting a business in Malaysia.

Franchise programs in Malaysia are available to locals and foreign investors interested in becoming affiliates of an already existing business overseas. The choices are varied in terms of business sectors, with opportunities in the food and services sectors, the entertainment, and the retail fields.

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How to Write Research Papers

Research papers, they are the bane of any student or academics life!

They require to keep your head screwed whilst getting knee-deep in a subject that is complex, long-winded and hard! It is no wonder that so many students fall at this hurdle, and struggle to produce research papers that make their tutors really think on the subject they have chosen.

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A Writer’s Idea Well

Build your well. Start with a couple of notebooks – a standard sized one and a small one that you can carry with you. I have a third on my nightstand for the ideas that strike at 2 a.m. Ideas spring forth at all times of the day (and night) and from multiple sources. Be prepared to pull them in.

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Business Loans 101: 5 Ways to Boost Your Approval Chances

A business loan can come in handy throughout the lifecycle of any business. New businesses can use the extra cash to boost inventory or to pay for startup costs. A seasoned company may also find use in a business loan in order to purchase property or to fund growth.

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5 Keys to Finding the Right Roofing Company

Whenever we are required to undertake major projects, like replacing a roof, we take on a great deal of stress. Projects like having a new roof installed on your house can be particularly stressful because we fear the expense, the quality and whether or not we got taken advantage of.

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3 Tips For Launching Your First eCommerce Store

A lot of us have the dream of owning an online store, but we don’t know where to begin or how to get the ball rolling. Whether you’re stuck trying to develop new business ideas that don’t already exist all over the internet or you can’t begin to process how to build a website from scratch, the actual process of mapping out all the details of an online business can be challenging. In fact, getting a concrete plan in place to move forward might be too much for some people to wrap their minds around without help. If you’ve been considering going into business for yourself with an ecommerce store, here are a few tips to get you started today:

Develop A Solid Business Plan

Although it can be tempting to think you can just pop open a Shopify store and get to selling, taking the time to develop a solid business plan will make it more likely that you’ll become successful. In fact, 16 percent of entrepreneurs who wrote business plans ended up being more successful than those who did not, according to a study published by Harvard Business Review.

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