An interview on blog advertising

I am interviewing a blogger today. It is about how to make money in blog advertising. Okay, first question.What do you write about in a blog?Well, it depends on your intent. Some people blog about things they are interested in. Others write up reviews of other people’s work. Still others do both. The real trick is finding enough words to keep up fresh content.I see, you have to keep doing your research.So how do you make money on these sites?Well, I personally write things for other people. Some people write content for their own websites that sell everything from dolls to food to old information. What you have to do is write clearly so other people can find your site with search engines. You have to engage and entertain your audience. Then there are keywords, you have to use the correct keywords to catch the search engines. Read more

Being Online In a Bad Economy

A bad economy is a bad economy no matter what angle you look at it from. People have less money so they are spending less money and therefore companies are taking in less revenue. In a nutshell that is how you would describe a bad economy. Many economists take a nuclear holocaust kind of view when it comes to who will survive a bad economy. Just like it is predicted that cockroaches and Twinkies will be the only things to survive a nuclear holocaust there are only a few types of businesses that have the ability to survive a bad economy. One of those types of businesses is online businesses.There are several reasons why an online business is best positioned to survive a bad economy and the smart and agile owner of an online business can exploit these reasons to make their business even stronger.The internet is becoming like cable television in that while everyone may not have it yet it is still assumed that most people have access to the internet. The internet costs a person a monthly fee for access and they can access any website as much as they want with that monthly fee. In order for a person to go to a store and go shopping they have to put wear and tear on their vehicle and gas in the gas tank both of which cost the consumer money. Read more

The Advertising Edge Offered To Blogs

Blogging is a way for anyone to get their opinion out for the masses to read and discuss. Anyone that has a strong opinion, or likes to write at length about their strong opinions, usually takes on their own blog website.

For the most part a blog website is hosted by a company that specializes in hosting and when you get a group of blog websites all hosted by the same host you wind up with a blogging community.

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In an Economic Downturn, Why Spend Advertising Dollars on Blogs?

As if 2008 wasn’t bad enough for newspaper advertising, 2009 looks to be even more dismal. During the current financial crisis, businesses are looking for any ways they can find to cut corners and save money, and this includes reducing the size of their advertising budget. Advertising agencies have little to be hopeful about. The CEO of IPG’s Mediabrands, Nick Brien, told the Wall Street Journal, “I don’t see any growth for the industry next year [in 2009]. It will be scary. There are no Olympics, no election spending and the real impact of what happened on Wall Street will filter down.

Online Advertising Holds an Ever-Increasing Share of the Market

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The Art of Reviewing

How many times have you seen a movie or listened to a new album and thought that you could write a review for it that would help others decide if they want to see the movie or buy the album? It seems easy when you are considering it but writing a review for anything can be a difficult task if you do not have the basic tools necessary to pull off a good review.

When you open up the Sunday paper and you see all of the columns of reviews you start to wonder how you can get your opinion heard on the topics you care about and that is when it starts to occur to you that there is more to writing a good review than just liking or disliking Al Pacino’s newest movie. Writing a good and credible review requires a wealth of knowledge that most people fail to appreciate.

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Will Bloggers Suffer from the Global Economic Crisis?

It seems like everything is being adversely affected by the global financial crisis, from NATO, who says that the economic crisis may force it to scale back its efforts in Afghanistan (reported by Lara Jakes of the Associated Press on January 9, 2009), to the entire island nation of Iceland. In October of 2008, Iceland was declared “all but officially bankrupt” by the International Herald Tribune, as Iceland shut down its stock market and seized control of its last independent bank.

Meanwhile, the icy grip of the havoc that began with the US mortgage crisis is being felt as far away as Thailand, whose tourist-dependent economy is feeling the pain of fewer westerners traveling to its immaculate, snow-white beaches and crystal clear waters. Yes, it seems that the financial crisis has certainly hit “Main Street” – Main Street in New York (also known as “Wall Street”), Main Street in London, Main Street in Iceland, and Main Street in Thailand.

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Advertising In a Tricky Economy?

When it comes to the economy the old saying of “it will get worse before it gets better” applies at every level. With people still losing their jobs and companies still going out of business it looks like we are still looking at a long recession and then an even longer recovery back to financial prosperity. In a time of deep recession many of the suppliers of luxury items such as expensive cars, yachts, and high priced restaurants are usually the first to feel the pinch and many of these organizations find themselves tightening their belts or going out of business.However there are some businesses that can always expect to have a certain level of business in any economy and can expect to be as close to recession proof as possible. Grocery stores are considered recession proof because people always need food. Another business that should be recession proof is advertising. Advertising is how businesses stay in business and a good advertising firm, with a proactive attitude, should be able to find ways to not only stay in business but prosper in bad economic times. Read more

How Can You Make The Best Of Business Blogging?

Business blogging is something a lot of companies know of and implement with diligence. In fact, there are some companies out there who have their own internal staff that take care of the blogging duties for the companies.

For every 2 companies like this, you would find 10 who do not appoint anyone full-time to do blogging for them! There is your opportunity!

Companies would always want bloggers promoting their company’s products and services to the visitors on the Internet.

Business blogging though does something even bigger – It establishes the brand image of the company amongst people. For a new company, one thing you would have wanted is recognition of your company’s existence. To that extent, business bloggers ensure that the company gets its much wanted recognition.

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Use Sponsorship To Earn Money Through Your Blogs!

In terms of popularity, sponsorship programs have not been popular for a long time. But with the advent of many vistas for people to make money off the Internet, sponsorship programs have come to exist. So, what sponsorship programs are after all and how are they related to your blog.

To understand this a bit deeper, you would need to be clear of one thing – Sponsorship is closely tied in to advertising!

With the point being mentioned that sponsorship is basically another name to advertising, you would need to understand the operational model.

Let us assume you maintain a blog, for example A. A company is coming up with a product B and wishes to advertise it. One of the ways it could take is by asking you to advertise their product directly through your blogs. There are some advantages and disadvantages in this model. Let us take a look at them.

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How to move from blogging for leisure to blogging for profit

Many people are interested in blogging. Blogging is, after all, a fun and inexpensive hobby which almost anyone can do. All that’s necessary is a computer, an internet connection, and an eager willingness to write.

However, many people are finding that they can turn their blogging into a profitable enterprise. Many people now use blogging as their secondary or even primary source of income, and popular blogs make their owners thousands of dollars per year. So how do you switch from blogging for fun to blogging for money?

The simplest and quickest way people make money from their blog is by putting up ads. There are a great number of advertising services which can display a number of ads on your blog, and they offer ads as simple as blocks of text to large, animated advertisements. When selecting an advertiser, it’s important to select one which is in sync with the content of your blog. After all, persons who visit a blog about cats are not likely to be interested in advertisements for auto insurance.

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