Would you advertise on blogs? Why?

Selling via advertisements attached to blogs is on the cutting edge of online advertising and in relatively uncharted territory.Blog administrators are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to attract advertising dollars while advertisers are testing the waters looking for high-traffic sites and a predictable return on their investment. So far; bringing the two together has been a challenge.If you’re going to advertise in the exploding realm of blogs, there are a couple things you need to consider. Throwing advertising money into an unknown medium with no basis of knowing how well it will attract business tends to make managers nervous, and rightfully so. Read more

How to Include an Image in a Blog Post

Including images in your blog posts makes them much more vibrant and interesting to readers. Putting them in is fairly easy if you understand the dynamics of HTML code and also know some of the limitations of picture hosting.

Hosting a Picture Online

There are a couple of blogging platforms that will host pictures for their bloggers to use in their posts. This is the simplest way of putting a picture online because the platforms used often incorporate quick image buttons to insert a picture into a text box as well as automatically pulling the picture up from your computer.
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My Company’s Experience With Blog Advertising

I own a successful sewing-supplies company which caters to hobbyists involved in sewing, quilting, and embroidery. I’ve always prided myself on providing excellent service, prompt delivery, and top-quality products, all at reasonable prices. In short, I tried to operate the sort of company that I’d enjoy doing business with and I thought this was a foolproof plan for success. However, I was unable to market my services to the same number of potential customers as my larger, better-known competitors. I found it impossible to compete with companies that were pegged at the top of the Google rankings. Read more

Why Backlinks are so Important for SEO

Backlinks are not only important to a solid SEO campaign; they are the main ingredient to intelligent search engine optimization. When using them it is necessary to understand why backlinks work, how they work, and what errors can be made that will diminish the effectiveness of backlink methodology.What is a Backlink?If you have been working online long you will have most likely heard the term backlink. It refers to an inserted link in a post, article, or webpage that directs readers to another website. Anyone can use backlinks to make their pages more relevant from bloggers to big corporations. Read more

My company invested over $5000 in blog advertising and doubled our profits

Everyone is wracking their brain these days, trying to find ways to entice customers to buy from our e-commerce websites so that we can keep our profits coming in and keep our businesses alive. I know I’ve tried so many different forms of advertising in my attempts to get people to visit my company’s website, but the majority of advertising options available either cost more than they generated in terms of revenue or simply brought visitors to my site that had no interest in buying the products my company sells.My first foray into online advertising was to spend a lot of money setting up and creating a Google Adwords campaign. I researched how the ‘gurus’ apparently got a lot of their site’s visitors and apparently increased their sales and I carefully created my Adwords campaigns.What I learned is that my return on investment (ROI) was dismal. Even though I got quite a lot of extra visitors to my site, my sales figures weren’t noticeably improved on the previous month when we just relied on people finding us by accident. Those extra visitors cost me my advertising budget for the month and made me no extra profits in return. Read more

How to write better reviews?

Advertising reviews are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and add value for your paid advertisers. While writing a review is not difficult, there are a few things you can do to really make your reviews pop.While a short bullet list highlighting the benefits or features of the product you are reviewing is expected, make sure you include your personal opinion of the product. You do not want your review to read like an advertisement. Also, make sure any personal claims you make are factual. You want your readers to trust you. This will lead to more repeat traffic to your blog as well as result in more hits for your advertising customers, a winning combination for you.Make your reviews fun to read. This leads back to reader trust. If appropriate for your topic, use a casual tone, as though you are writing to a friend. Unless you are writing a review for a highly specialized niche, you will want to avoid overly technical jargon and specialized language. Readers often become attached to a blog author and return for updates from authors that they respect and like. Read more

What is PageRank. How can you increase it using blog advertising?

With the ever-growing cyberspace we advertise, sell and buy within, a system is needed to increase sales and to boost recognition for relevant products and services. With Google PageRank, content across the internet can be analyzed and weighed as a set of information as to their hyperlinks.

Within this set of links, each page is ranked for its relative importance among the set, thus ranking higher for popularity and lower for lesser-known links. PageRank is a useful tool in determining what is up and coming on the internet, and can give the host an idea of what is being sought after mostly by readers and consumers.

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Interview: Jason Pence, Paid Blogger

Jason Pence first got involved with paid blogging in the summer of 2007. A fresh graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Corporate Communications, he was having trouble finding work with one of the large, high-paying public relations firms that he had aspired to join since enrolling in college. As the days turned into weeks and the job interviews became more and more sparse, he realized that his hobbyist offroad cycling blog was actually starting to make “real” money. Still determined to get a job with a national public relations firm, he set up another blog in the hopes that he could hold out on his blogs’ earnings will taking the time to secure his dream job.But as the months dragged on, the only people knocking at Jason’s door were other blog owners — who wanted him to write the kind of content for their sites that was drawing readers to his blogs in the thousands per day. Today, Jason is one of the most highly sought-after paid bloggers on the internet, drawing as much as $100 per blog post on a variety of subjects. We recently chatted with Jason about his approach to paid blogging and his outlook on the future of the field. Read more

How To Include a Link in a Blog Post?

Links included in blog posts are very important to the blogger, reader, and linkee for different reasons. Putting links in blog posts make them more useful as an information tool for your readers and they give SEO power to the page being linked to. The blogger gets the benefit of reader appreciation and return hits to their blog and, in some cases, payment for the link placed. Learning how to include a link in a blog post is easy.

Using the Controls Included in Text Boxes

Many blogging platforms include a quick link tab or button in the control section of the text box. If that is the case adding a link to your post is as easy as highlighting the word or words you wish to use as the text for the link and then clicking on the tab button usually marked with a chain to indicate a ‘link.’ A pop up box will appear that has a space to insert the URL for the webpage you wish to link to. Type in the URL or if you have it copied you can paste it in, and then hit enter, or okay. The link will automatically be formatted in your post.

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In a bad economy I still find blog advertising as the best solution for my company

In this bad economy I am still finding that blog advertising is the best solution for my company. Every marketing guru out there insists that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising there is. The problem my company was facing was how to get people talking about us and our online business.After a year in business, we were still operating in the red. We just couldn’t generate the buzz that would take us to the next level. I tried the trade shows. All that resulted in was jet lag and less money in the marketing budget. The problem I found with trade shows was that I was marketing to the marketers. I needed to reach the consumers.I contracted the services of a well known email marketing company. I figured the best way to get our name out there would be to put it in front of our customers. It sounded good on paper. Unfortunately, most of those emails probably ended up in spam boxes. Those that made it through annoyed more potential customers than got them to my site them judging from our pitiful traffic. Read more