The Female Nude as a Form of Expression in Modern Art

Olympia, Monet

We’re just like other people; we like to sing, we love to dance, we admire beautiful men or women. We’re human and sometimes very human.

Artists like Manet, Cahun, Valadon, and many others use women as the subjects in their paintings. The female nude is more than just a form of expressing modernity. Female nude is a form of expressing art, in which male and female fierce fantasies or projections are played out.

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The Evolution of Hyperrealism

Art is one of the most intense modes of individual expression that the world has known. It has the ability to transcend cultural boundaries, explore the physical and the metaphysical, the real and the imaginary. In the world of infinite creative prospects, many art movements have emerged and influenced artists over the centuries, and Hyperrealism is one such fascinating art form that has gained immense popularity in recent times.

Hyperrealism is a relatively new style of visual arts that has evolved since the late 1960s. However, the roots of this alluring art genre can be traced back to the Realism art movement that began in post-revolutionary France in the mid-19th century.

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How Can Your Hobby Make You Money?

A hobby is an enjoyable activity people do during their free time for pleasure. Many people like to collect different items of interest as a hobby. While items will vary, collecting as a hobby looks similar and includes acquiring, organizing, displaying, storing, and maintaining treasured items.

Some people start collections to keep for the rest of their lives and then pass them down to children or other relatives. Others choose this hobby to make money and purchase items to sell for profit. Below are some of the more popular things people collect.

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Learning the Lost Art of Wet Shaving with a Straight Razor

Back in the day, shaving was an art that required attention and patience. For many, shaving was a daily ritual requiring mindful preparation and the use of high-quality shaving tools including a straight razor. Those who didn’t want or need to shave daily went to the barber each week for a classic shave. Either way, thanks to the straight razor and classic wisdom, the resulting shave was always clean and close.

As cheap, disposable shaving tools entered the market promising convenience, the art of classic shaving quickly faded out of existence, along with the secrets of a clean shave. You can’t apply classic shaving wisdom to a disposable razor, so passing down that wisdom has virtually disappeared.

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What Are Your Options if You Can’t Afford to Have Your Car Repaired

Certain brands of cars are notorious for requiring more maintenance and repairs than others. Some luxury cars tend to be safer than less expensive ones. They have upgraded safety and maintenance features that cause the vehicle to last longer and make them less likely to be involved in an accident.

But what about those who are not in the financial situation to be able to afford an expensive luxury car?

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How to Choose a Reputable Car Service Departmen

At some point, all car owners will need to get their vehicle serviced or repaired. Even if you follow a routine maintenance schedule, eventually something will need to be repaired or replaced.

Dealing with auto repair problems can be a time-consuming process. Finding the right shop can save you money on repairs and keep your car running longer. Below are a few tips to help you find a mechanic that you can trust to take care of your car in a professional, cost-effective, and timely manner.

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Six Best New Car Values for 2019

There’s nothing quite like driving a new car—the performance, reliability, and the piece of mind you get from a warranty and award winning service plan.

But shopping for a new car can be a bit daunting. The sheer number of makes, models, and trim packages can be overwhelming—and the price tags even more so. For the smart consumer, on a tight budget, it’s important to get the most car for your money.

Well, never fear! By comparing ratings and reviews from the top experts around the web, I’ve put together this list to help you do just that. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best new car values in 2019.

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Top Ways To Sell Your Art & Gain A New Audience

It’s very tough these days being an independent artist, not only producing the content but you also need to be selling it and promoting yourself. Basically you’re running your own small business and promotion and sales is a big part of that so having a strategy to be able to make those sales is something you’ll need to learn how to do, it probably isn’t the most natural thing in the world to you but it’s really not that difficult and once you get going you should see it’s not that bad.

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Benefits of Good Photography for Your Brand and Image

Communication is the overriding factor for the success of any business. If you choose a perfect way of communicating your brand purpose to the prospects, the better and the more successful your business will be. Visual communication is the most important in selling your product or service. Thus, photography has become more important and many brands are now investing a good portion of their marketing budget to ensure that there is perfect photography. According to studies, visuals are able to increase the audience’s interest in your business content by 80%.

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