What is the Future for Online Businesses During the Financial Crisis?

The banks and the automakers received their bailouts, but what about you? Don’t hold your breath, it doesn’t look like the average Joe is going to get bailed out any time soon. The bank and auto bailouts were supposed to have a trickle down effect, meaning that when money is given to these organizations it was supposed to be used in such a way that it creates and stabilizes jobs. Instead, banks are sitting on the money, and automakers are cutting jobs just to stay out of bankruptcy. But don’t worry, there is a way to make it through the tough times. Have you considered looking into online businesses during the financial crisis?As things get tough, and more people lose their jobs every day, online businesses are booming! Unable to find work, many are starting their own online business. Let me use myself as an example. I used to sell new Ford cars. As the economic crisis worsened, I made less and less sales. I watched as colleagues who had sold cars since George Bush the first was president left the car business. Eventually, I had to leave as well. I just wasn’t selling enough cars to support my family. I searched high and wide for work, but no one was hiring. Out of desperation, I turned to the internet. Read more

Handy Advertising Advice For New Website Owners

There is much to gain in owning a website for your products and services. This provides an outlet of information on your products and allows for orders to be reached from around the globe if you plan on offering your products and services worldwide.There are some simple marketing strategies that are lower risk than others to allow you to reap the most benefits from your advertising venture online.You own the website and have your products in line and online. Determining the target audience is the next step in deciding how you will advertise your products.If the age range for your product is children to teens, then you will want to market the product towards parents showing the value the product has in learning or entertainment. If for adults and the older generations, then you will want to show the usefulness of your products in their daily lives. Read more

The Lovely Coupling of Blog Advertising and the Google Search Directory

The Relationship between Google and Blogging WebsitesGoogle has become a large search engine with a multitude of opportunities for advertisers to showcase their products online and get consumers who are somewhat interested to make purchases. There are many different ways that this can be accomplished.One of the most natural and self sustaining types of advertising is based in Blog reviews and advertisements. Since Blogging websites have been gaining popularity throughout the world, more and more users are updating their Blogs every day while keeping in touch with all of their interests and friends online. This is a very valuable resource for advertisers to utilize and turn almost one hundred percent pure profit.Blogging websites started off as a platform for people to network and subscribe to journal like micro web pages that allowed users to post information on daily updates. This provides an outlet for people to voice their opinions on various subjects, services and products. Read more

Blog Advertising Really does work

Let me start by intruding myself. My name is Tom. I am a successful online business owner. I have been working from home online for ten years. The online community is a great place to start a business and make a great living working from the comfort of home. I never dreamed that going to the office on a daily basis would be a thing of the past. For me it is no longer a dream but reality.Starting up an online business is very easy. Anyone in a matter of minutes can have an internet business up and running. The key to success and making money is getting a large number of people to visit your website and purchase or invest in your products. Any time that you invest time and money into any business it can be scary. With the proper planning and preparation any online business can be successful. Read more

Blog advertising has been on the rise for almost a decade now

Blogs are becoming extremely popular, and as older medias such as television and newspapers give way to online content, there is no doubt that blog advertising will grow in size and scope. After all, many people now prefer to read blogs over traditional types of media, and it is thus best to reach them by going to these blogs and giving them timely and relevant advertisements via blog posts.

The use of blogs to advertise also ensures that the potential customer is engaged with the material and that they are not blocking it or tuning it out, as so many consumers now do.

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How to create a blog on blogspot.com?

Although there are many sophisticated adaptations you can make to customize a blogspot (Google) blog, it’s really easy to get started. You can start your own simple blog in under 30 minutes. It’s completely free; the only thing you need is a valid email.

Step 1- Basic Choices
Go to www.blogspot.com. You will see a page with the big orange B in the left hand corner and an orange button that says “Create a Blog.” Look in the upper right corner, and select the language you will be using for your blog; the blogosphere is truly international.

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My story: I invested $10,000 in blog advertising and got $50k back!

To say that I had been burned by internet advertising in the past would be an understatement. One of the first companies I ever owned, fresh out of college, was a dot-com. This was in 2000, probably at what most people would consider the height of the “internet bubble,” and it seemed like everyone and his brother was making a killing by throwing up their website and calling it e-something.

Well, I wanted in on the action, so with a $25,000 loan from my parents, my brother and I started an online marketplace for used arcade equipment. We used to love going to the arcade as kids, and we figured that we knew more about arcade equipment than almost anyone. Besides, we were getting the arcade units at salvage prices, refurbishing them (my brother is an electrical engineer), and selling them at a 200% mark-up. How could we lose?

Well, our first mistake was paying some outrageously expensive “design firm” $10,000 to put a site together for us. We chose this company because it came as an all-inclusive deal: they would design the site and handle the advertising. All we had to do was keep the content fresh and make sure that the arcade equipment was in working order. Oh, and keep in shape — we’d be running back and forth to the bank so much that we didn’t want to wear ourselves out!

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Advertising via blogs – Explained step by step

The face of advertising is changing at an unprecedented rate. Television viewers are jaded, wary, sophisticated and armed with DVRs, allowing them to skip advertisements altogether.Print newspapers are cutting back on size and publication frequency.Magazine advertising is expensive. How is a company to get the information about their products in front of potential customers? Read more

How to gain new customers through blogging: Step By Step Tutorial

There is much that Professional Blogging can offer in terms of new customers and increased sales of your products or services. This is a highly untapped resource that is generally free and can produce results which are outstandingly high.

Blogs and Blogging sites are designed to allow others to put out their views and insight on their daily lives and create updated content based on their experiences. What this means for advertisers is free or virtually zero cost advertising when done correctly.

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Blog advertising: nothing dumb about it

When it comes to blog advertising the facts don’t lie:-You could be blogging excerpts from the Bible, but you won’t generate much profit if you don’t put some thought into effective blog advertising.- Visitor traffic is THE most important factor when comes to making money online. If you don’t have visitor traffic and you don’t have blog advertising you’re not going to generate wealth no matter how good your intentions are.- Good advertising can often save a bad blog. But a good blog without advertising serves no purpose — and is bad.Now that we’ve established some ground rules, understand that writing the content is the EASY part! Getting people to look at your blog and click on the ads is the HARD, time-consuming part.Anybody that tells you different is kidding themselves! If effective blog advertising was such a sure thing, there’d be a whole lot more men and women getting rich (or richer) with their blogs! Read more