Sculpting the pagerank flow on a webpage

The most important thing you’ll realize in maintaining your web page is that you cannot rely solely on search engine spiders and bots when they visit your site. These bots often cause duplicate content problems or list your site as junk, among other things.

For example, Googlebot has, in the past, done such things as move valuable pages into the Google supplemental index or given rank to pages that do not need it, such as login pages, register pages, subscribe pages and so on. As a result you need to guide these bots, or herd them, so that they only report on the pages that need to be ranked. But how? There are different ways to do this with varied success.

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How to Make a Page Load Faster in a Browser

If you’re making a web page and want to get the maximum performance rate possible, you will want the page to load as quickly as possible in the browser. This can be done without making major changes to the appearance of the over-all function of the page.

You can achieve this by simply reducing the amount of bytes that a client or viewer has to download. You can use something called Page Speed featured by Firefox.

Page Speed is an extension that looks at web pages and gives ideas on how to improve them for greater performance and speed.

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Technology invasion of business, Business Web Directories

Did you know that you can greatly increase your profits by using business web directories to find links for your business? A good web directory contains a list of various websites which have been compiled by website reviewers. When looking for a website directory for suitable links for your business, it is important to consider a few issues.

One of these is your business objective. While searching for links from business website directories, you need to find those that are similar to your line of work. For instance, if you are looking for marketing resources, then look for those website directories with marketing links. Learn to narrow down your search so that you can get more accurate results.

Yahoo Directory

A business web directory should have a variety of websites listed on it.

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Internet Advertising, Not How Daddy Did It

If you are an advertising experts when it comes to physical marketing, then the first thing you need to do when checking out Internet marketing is to forget everything you’ve learned. The systems which govern Internet marketing attempts are completely different than those in the physical world. If you want to make a favorable impression by advertising on the Internet, you must understand the concepts which are unique to Internet marketing. This post will guide you through some of the basics.

If you have not already, learn everything you can about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process which makes marketable web pages appear more valuable to search engines. While this technique differs greatly from the advertising physical world which is largely based upon market segments, search engine optimization is a technique designed to target individual buyers.


This is true because in order to appear in a search engine ranking page, the potential customer must search for a keyword. That keyword represents a targeted link between your customer and product or service. Search engine optimization ensures that your web site appears at the top of search engine results rankings for your targeted keywords. Therefore, search engine optimization is designed to send targeted traffic to your website and is a vital component of Internet marketing and advertising.

But what is the impact of targeted traffic? Targeted traffic has the highest probability of converting to sales of all traffic to your website. Think about it critically: a user who discovers a web site that sells coffee is more likely to purchase coffee if that was his intention from the start.

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Best Blog Advertising Methods to Bring in Traffic

When it comes to blog advertising, you don’t have to spend extra ordinate amounts of money to get the traffic you want. There are several different ways to advertise your blog, many of which are free. This will show you different ways you can advertise your blog so you’ll have a better grasp of which steps you need to take to work toward greater traffic.

Entrecard: This service allows you to create a virtual business card of sorts to “drop” on other blogs. Cards dropped on blogs will show as advertisements. The more cards you drop, the more advertising on other blogs you will earn. It’s a completely free service and relies on the fact that all bloggers want and need traffic to work.

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It is necessary to understand why good advertising works

Advertising is an important part of the daily operations of any company. Without effective advertising, the company is unable to solicit business.

Advertising also helps establish a brand name in the target audience’s mind, which helps to increase the likelihood that the target audience will remember the company name the next time they need the particular product or service the company offers. When advertising is done properly it can make a company into a cultural icon.

The Coca-Cola Company used an image of Santa Claus that one of their artists created to help establish their brand name as something very positive in the minds of consumers all over the world. Good advertising gets people quoting lines from the television commercials when they are out with friends, and it also increases company revenue.

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Bing adds side panels to search results is Microsoft’s new search engine. But at the same time, it is not a search engine. Microsoft is touting their predecessor to Windows Live Search, their old and rather mediocre search engine, as a “decision engine.” This is possibly in direct competition with Wolfram|Alpha, the “computational knowledge engine that recently went into public beta and is supposed to answer questions posed in natural syntax. Google, in fact, also recently started a new search function, Google squared, to compete with these new engines.

This will create a very interesting dynamic in time soon to come, especially considering that two more search engines with similar natural query functionality were recently announced: Wowd and Yebol. Wowd rates pages based on what users on clicking on, rather than the spiderweb of links, and Yebol is a decision engine, much like is described in the next paragraph. These will go into public beta this summer.

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Can people trust Google PageRank anymore?

A tremendous amount of discussion, news articles and reports continually surround web site page rank and Site Engine Optimization activities of advertising agencies and web site developers. To understand this issue, you must first understand what encompasses PageRank and how it was developed. PageRank was originated by Google’s founders while attending Stanford University. In fact, Stanford still holds the patent for PageRank. In essence, PageRank measures a website or page’s importance using a voluminous amount of factors.

In the past, antiquated search engines simply checked the number of keywords on a site. Depending on the number of times certain words or phrases appeared, the engine would return the pages in a certain order or rank. Web developers found that by simply using certain words or phrases repetitively, they could effectively increase their return position on an engine search. This was whether or not the site had anything to do with the keywords or was of value to the searcher.

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What you should know about direct marketing

By now, you probably already know that marketing is a very complex subject. There are all different kinds of marketing you can explore. The marketing we are going to talk about today is direct marketing.Direct marketing is a type of marketing that sends its message straight to the consumer. This is by telemarketing, emailing, and direct mailing prospective customers. Another way you can do this is by telling your future customer to visit your website or call your toll free number.These are several ways to get your message from you to your target audience without any intervention. In other words, this is direct marketing.That’s not the only ways to direct market. There’s also those packets you sometimes get on your home door knob, the flyers left on your windshield at the super market, billboards, the banner ads on websites that you can click on, the buttons and pens and notepads companies encourage you to take one of, and even the samples you can sometimes get from your doctor or the kids’ pediatrician! I bet you didn’t realize you see direct marketing just about everywhere now! Read more

Top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use

Most small business owners understand the need to have an effective online marketing campaign in today’s Internet friendly marketplace. Even a one person operation benefits through using a website and creating an advertising program that will direct customers to their business. But just creating and maintaining a website alone is not sufficient to keep a competitive edge in the continually fluctuating economy. Unless a customer uses name recognition to search for and locate a business, dozens of other competitors may receive higher search priority.The top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use normally include a variety of methods that target all aspects of Internet use:1. Using Email MarketingThis direct marketing approach works particularly well for a small business whose customer base is somewhat established. Weekly or bi-weekly news and promotions can be sent to a large group and may not be automatically rejected as “spam”. For example, a real estate agent may choose to send a newsletter in the form of a monthly email. Or new customers who shop at a local boutique can be added to the email list and sent special promotional materials. Read more