Canonical Page Tag: One of the best SEO improvements of the last few years

You may have been heard lately more and more about canonical pages, 301 redirects, duplicate content and… Google. Well, I’m going to write a few lines about what I know so far about canonical pages, usage, and more.

As you know Google was always concerned about duplicate pages. You should be also concerned since poor evaluation of your website may lead sooner or later to unwanted results, including Google penalization of some sort.

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Broadcasting Innovation: Blogcasting

This message is a “Blog Broadcast” from my home studio in the heart of the central valley of California. As I hit “send” with the touch of my fingertip, my electronic message is transmitted out reaching the eyes and minds of millions of readers all over the country. WOW! This is blog marketing in a nut shell. This prodigious innovation in the world of advertising has completely changed the way companies do business.

Blogcasting whatever it is you bring to market, yourself, a product, or a special cause near and dear to your heart; blogging can have a phenomenal impact almost immediately in getting your message or product out into the vast world of internet marketing, where profitability can be optimized.

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Locate Websites You Need in a Business Web Directory

There are millions of websites on the Internet. Oftentimes, if you are looking for a particular website that offers a particular product or service, you may not be able to locate it. If you use search engines, you will receive many results that don’t meet the criteria you were looking for. However, if you search a business web directory, you will be able to click on the category you need to get the company you need.

There are many different categories printed in these directories. They include education, business, health, marketing, employment and much more. Once a visitor has clicked on the category they need, they will see a listing of companies in that category. Usually there is a summary of what the company offers recorded under its business name. After reading the summary, the visitor can make the decision to click on the website’s name or continue to read the summaries of other companies.

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Getting paid to blog should be fun and easy

Many people get paid to blog for a lot of different reasons. If you want to get paid to blog, it’s easier than ever before! Getting paid to blog can be very lucrative and very fun. When writing for blogs it can be a personal review of a product or service, your opinion about a particular subject or other such topics. The particular blog will depend on what the topic is about.

There is a lot to consider when you decide to get paid to blog. What interests or excites you? How much are you willing to write? Do you have enough knowledge to write about that particular subject? How much will the blog pay you for your work? Let’s talk about these questions for a moment.

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Blog Marketting: A Mutually Effective Relationship

Internet marketing has been sweeping the web. The more advertisers realize the near limitless boundaries of the world wide web, the more drawn they are to the idea of advertising in a medium that allows them to expand beyond their local or even national reaches, and gives them the ability, if they wish to reach the base of public knowledge on a global scale.

With the ever expanding innovation of the internet and its users, advertisers have a lot of spots to choose from to place their ads. Many have chosen to utilize online blogs as their key medium for marketing of their product or service.

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Blog advertising a superior investment to other marketing strategies

The Advantages of Blog Advertising

Blog advertising has recently emerged as an alternative to traditional marketing strategies and boasts several advantages. Researchers project that internet marketing techniques, including blog advertising, will influence nearly half of all consumer spending in 2010, and the decline of traditional media (such as television, radio, and snail mail) ensures that this trend will only continue.

Several factors make blog advertising a sound marketing investment in today’s uncertain economic climate, especially considering that online spending consistently outperforms brick-and-mortar stores. What makes blog advertising so effective?

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Strategies for Using Backlinks from Business Web Directories

Knowledge of what it takes to set up a good web site and obtain a high search engine ranking on Google is a critical to your success. While using backlinks from business web directories are just one element of your search engine rank, it’s still an important one and one that is easy to begin working.

Backlink Diagram made Simple

There are two main goals in using business web directories. First and foremost, these business web directories help you obtain visitors who are interested in buying your product or service.

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A business web directory is like the yellow pages for the internet

A Global Yellow-Pages Ad That You Can Edit

Perhaps the greatest lesson the business world has to offer is that it isn’t the steak that sells – it’s the sizzle. All marketing and advertising ventures are just the sizzle, and many business owners can explain the frustration at not selling the best steak in town. The solution is and has always been good advertising, but the world of advertisement can easily be seen as an arms race. When one group gets a sign, another adds lights to theirs.

The business across town takes out a newspaper ad, and their competitor buys time on a radio station. This has pushed advertising and marketing into the realm of the internet: all companies these days must have a web-page to survive.

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Advantages and disadvantages of blog marketing

Blog marketing was around since 2007 and had it’s own glorious days. I’ve been in the Internet advertising industry since 2002 and I kinda saw how things evolved. Now, blog advertising was a nice concept: bloggers write about advertiser’s product. Now, we all know that this was so… tricky since someone had the “brilliant” idea to include do-follow links in those posts.

So, quickly we saw an explosion of “blogs”, mainly from India, Indonesia, Malayesia. Main purpose? Money. No one cared about the quality or niche of those blogs. Of course that blog marketing still works because as long as there are people who pay, there will be people who’ll work.

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New Google Page Rank System

For those who use Google to boost their websites and companies, Google’s Page Rank system is something that is not unheard of. Google uses a series of statistics that rank different web sites.

Although most know of it, very few understand the system. Page Rank was created by Larry Page, and Google uses it to assign a numerical weighting to each website. In other words, Google uses Page Rank to ultimately figure out the importance of each and every website in the world wide web.

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