Make money online with niche blogs

One of the most common ways to make money online is by blogging. The first step would be to set up a blog for your niche market, bearing in mind that niche marketing and blogging go hand in hand.You can start by setting up up several small blogs for niches that are of your interest. You’ll be amazed to see how simple the whole process is. Just don’t imagine that you’ll start making money online immediately. That blog or those blogs of yours must grow in order to produce an additional income for you. Read more

Make money online with affiliate programs

When I think of making money online, one of the easiest way that comes to my mind is affiliate marketing. I’m sure affiliate marketing is something you heard of before, but maybe you never gave it a shot.Many of those who struggle to make money online fail with affiliate marketing because they make a series of so called “newbie mistakes” and stop trying. We should learn from our mistakes, agree?You might have heard that in order to make a living off the Internet, you first have to give something away for free. When it comes to affiliate marketing, that’s completely true. Instead of starting with the wrong mindset of making millions over night, surprise your audience with quality information.Think of a highly marketable niche before you choose certain affiliate products you want to sell. When you found your marketable niche, you’ll learn that not only is it interested in the affiliate product you promote, but that it also has the necessary money to spend on that product. Read more

10 money making techniques

From blogging to profitable social media and playing games to posting on forums, the web is really a world of money making opportunities.Using the creation of university top-up fees, student life doesn’t come cheap for today’s overworked undergraduates. However the power of the Internet offers numerous ingenious methods to generate additional beer money from the comfort of your home. Listed here are ten of the best.1. Social mediaIt could appear to be nothing more than the usual fantasy, but earning money while you trawl through profiles of friends, prospective and ex boyfriends and girlfriends is really a reality. Yuwie, an upstart social media enterprise, purports to pay its users because they boost the page impressions of the public profiles, upload photos to talk about and refer others to become listed on in the fun. All this is achieved with a proportionate payment structure that sees around half of the website’s advertising revenue – its chief income source – distributed straight to its users list.Admittedly it’s still beginning however with around 500,000 registrations up to now with no shortage of testimonials, Yuwie appears like the real deal. Read more

Making money on blogs: Advertising options

There are many other advertising options if you don’t want to choose Adsense. A search for “Adsense alternatives” will net a large list of other advertising opportunities.Some work in much exactly the same way as Adsense, others provide inline ads or banners. You should attempt several different advertising programs to see which one works the very best for your blog.Some advertising opportunities act like Adsense and display text ads; others display contextual ads, the double underline words in your body of your text, yet others use graphic ads. This is a list of other advertising sources for your blog, some of which can be the perfect advertising solution for you personally. Read more

How to make money online writing sponsored reviews

Another method of making money online is writing paid reviews. But I suppose you already know this, so I’ll try to cover those parts you may not be aware of. The first people who made money developing a blog advertising network were IZEA Inc., with their PayPerpost. Then followed shortly after. The principle is simple:

1. Those who have a blog can sign up.

2. They are entered into a database.

3. An advertiser can sign up on the other side of the system.

4. The advertiser can create rules to allow only specific blogs to write about ’em: page rank, Alexa rank etc.

5. The blogger writes the stuff INCLUDING one or two back links to the advertiser’s website. So, who’s winning what?

The blogger makes money by writing and posting review.
The blog advertising network makes money taking commissions from wither the blogger or advertiser.
The advertiser will gain some traffic and some backlinks.

Now, there are a few things you should know before trying out this money making method:

The main disadvantage of this money making method is that your blog might be penalized by Google over time, since they clearly stated that selling links (and sponsored reviews is included) is prohibited. Well, it’s not prohibited but Google’s spiders might not crawl your pages, your rankings might drop and so.If you have a high quality blog and you don’t rely on Google for traffic, this money making technique might work out for you, but you can lose your Page Rank. But a wise advertiser won’t care about page rank, because not page rank is what we need, but money, aye?If still are determined to try out this money making technique you should remember a few basic principles when you write those paid posts:

1. Do not copy content from elsewhere. No one likes duplicate content because it’s not useful. If you are not inspired, you an rewrite with your own words an article.

2. Try to link out to other good resources, too. The most advertisers will ask you to link to their websites, but you can link to good resources, too. Thus, you’ll increase the credibility of your article.

3. Better don’t accept an opportunity if one of the criteria is to repeat a keyword too many times. This will make your review to look like spam.

4. Try to write other articles too, not only paid reviews. You can include in those articles various affiliation links, AdSense etc.

5. Have a sitemap and good interlinking.

6. Apply the “no follow” tag for categories, archives and tags.Knowing all these, I do hope you’ll make a lot of money writing paid reviews. But use this money making method with precaution given the risks.

Update 2017: I do not recommend anyone to get involved in paid posting! Read more

Connection between making money online and publishing new content

Fresh and unique content, updated frequently is one of the simplest ways to make money online or, at least, to put you on the right track. You may not have realized it yet, but all this public and online customer interaction I was talking about in my previous posts means that, in one way or another, you are in the publishing business. E-mail, websites, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and so many other new platforms give you the opportunity to interact with your customers better than ever before. To all that just add the magic ingredient: new, high quality content.One way of publishing new content is by responding publicly online to customer feedback. But instead of posting a piece of text that’s extremely formal and corporate-like, try to get closer to people. I’m not saying you should avoid a formal style of speech and make vulgar jokes or similar mistakes. Just act natural and show that in your answers. Read more

Making money online is about a solid reputation

People who make money online take great care of their brand’s reputation. They do that by promoting the presence of their product out over the Web. Your web site and its published content have to invite people to interact with you. Every once in a while you should look carefully at this feedback you get from your audience, because that’s actually your reputation on the web you’ll be looking at.Think of this as a reputation cloud. The reputation cloud of your brand or products includes all your traditional offline marketing methods, as well as the product presence that your online marketing effort generates. The brand reputation cloud, as I like to call it, also includes the growing quantity of customer interactions, reactions, and responses to your online marketing strategy.You should be well aware of the fact that your reputation cloud includes customer discussions about you, your products and your website. In fact, your brands reputation cloud is grown by your customers, competitors, suppliers, partners, and even employees. And they are doing this every time your brand comes in discussion. Read more

How to make money online by playing MMO games

Yup, that’s right: you can make money online by playing games. Since Blizzard Entertainment’s well known WaW (World of Wordcraft) has been released (1994) people discovered a new world full of excitement, fantasies, heroes, kings and demons. After WaW many MMOs were released but only a few of them worth to be mentioned: Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, AION and the new Rift.

Like in our real world every MMO has its own currency (gold, coins, etc) that players can use to buy gear, weapons, potions, pocket items and so on. Now, you may wonder how someone can make money out of it. Well, when you play a MMO your main concern isn’t the game money making, but to level up your character, gear it up, participate to raids and stuff like that. So, players have exploited this and some of them started to craft things in order to sell them to other players. This way they can make in game money, which is tradable. The price? Real money. Read more

Make money online selling photos

If you like photography, if you like going out and snapshot things you find interesting and attractive or if you have a studio and you enjoy varnishing fruits, this money making method suits you.
You can make money by selling photos, because there is a huge demand for quality these days. The times when a website was “text only” faded away. Now, webmasters as well as any website visitors will look for appealing design elements and to archive great results we all need stylish logos, icons, menus and, of course, photos.In this blog post I will cover two aspects: what you need to take great photos and how to make money out of them.

It’s easy to take a photo…

… You may say. But the truth is that, in order to take photos which are good enough to meet a potential customer’s expectations, you need some good stuff to work with:

A good camera

Nowadays there is a huge range of cameras to choose from (SLR, DSLR), different lenses for different shooting conditions, lighting devices, backgrounds and so on. Remember, you can’t make money online by selling poor quality photos. However, with a quality camera you can take quality images, thus exponentially increasing your chances of monetizing your work.

Some knowledge

Taking quality shots is not as simple as pressing one button when having your camera on automatic settings. Maybe the knowledge you need to take quality photos is more important than the knowledge needed to make money by selling photos online. Many people say that photography is an art and somehow they are right. You have to be familiar with some simple concepts like: shutter speed, exposure, ISO values, light angles, complementary colors. But of course, among all these you’ll need to have that artistic style that designers have. You’ll have to see the beauty in front of your eyes and you also have to know how to immortalize that image.

Making money by selling photos online implies post-processing software

Our life is more and more driven by technology and the photography industry makes no exception. Sometimes it is necessary to add a shade, crop, scale, modify the size of an image, rotate and blur your photo before selling it. Usually software can enhance the raw material in order to be more appealing to the eye. And, you have guessed, the more appealing a photo is, the more views it will attract, the more money you can make by selling it online. One of the best software is the well known Photoshop (maybe too good :) ). Do you think that the skin of those models on Vogue’s front cover is naturally… perfect? Nope, but Photoshop can make miracles with a photo.There are also other image processing software possibilities, but if you master Photoshop I think it’s enough.

Ok, I’m ready. Where do I sell my images?

So, are you ready to make money by selling your art work? Awesome! There are a lot of stock image portals/vendors you can use. Some of the most popular are iStockPhoto, Fotolia and registering with them, you will become instantly a seller. Their editors will review your images and will ask you to agree with their terms and conditions as well as their fees. Yeah, they also have fees: usually they’ll take some percentage of a successful sale.


Making money online by selling photos is a great way to monetize your hobby. We all know how important it is to combine business with fun. So, if you’re one of those curly hair guys, always with a photo camera in his hands, don’t be hesitating, just take the next step and earn some cash out of your skill. Read more

Actually who is making money online?

To make money online… There are so many people out there who want this. These people, they are online and they are talking. And eventually as they come across so many sites, they could even become your customers. As you know so well, customers talk to each other and they expect to talk with the company about the products they’re buying. There are two things one should rely on as an online entrepreneur: the quality of his/her product and the word of mouth.Even though someone wants to make money online, he/she might stumble upon something you, the already established online entrepreneur, have to offer and they want to have it. The better your product is, the faster the free advertising will go and the more you will start to sell. It’s really that simple.However, you’ll say that not every customer is like that. It’s true. But those who are determined to make money online are the trend-setting, vocal, active online community and they are the critical taste makers that your brand needs to influence. They need to look up to you as an example giver, a trend setter. Read more