A new layout, more subcategories and a regional section

As I promised a few days ago, in this post, we have worked hard to make Jasmine Directory even better. We have finished with the new layout, which, in my opinion, it’s much more appealing and user friendly than the old one, and now we’re in the process of adding more subcategories to the main ones (e.g. Financial services with a lot of subcategories under the main Business category).

The process it isn’t simple because we have to think logically when it comes to these stuff.

We have also added a new section, the Regional one. This main category is accessible from the homepage both from the main category list and the new interactive world map located on the second slide.

The Regional category breaks down to the six continents, then to countries, and finally to states (USA) or province (Canada). In stage one, we want to create the “bone structure” of the regional category, which means that some continents will not have included all the countries it has (e.g. Africa). This is because we want to keep a minimum level of empty categories.

We have even added websites to the newly created subcategories (official, hospital, financial institutions, police dept. websites etc).

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Travel Advertisements? Say no more!

If you are running a travel agency, you know that travel advertisements can assist you in fulfilling your objectives. However, if you have spent a ton of cash already for your promotions and ads yet you are still not getting enough clients, you are most probably doing something wrong.

One of the most common mistakes that travel companies do is focus too much on their website’s traffic or leads. This is actually a huge error because they overlook the most important element when it comes to advertising and that is sales conversion.

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Identifying Effective Kids Website Ad Opportunities

One of the most important things that you can do when initially attempting to identify and focus in on a given websites core demographics is to think outside the box. The immediate, common sense answer will always be there. For instance, in regards to kids websites, one would immediately assume that the core demographic would be kids, correct?

This isn’t to say that the obvious demographic that initially jumps out at you is wrong or not lucrative. No, it’s just that there are very few places across the World Wide Web which cater specifically to one single demographic only.

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Heavy work for a while

We are in the process of redesigning Jasmine Directory. It is a tendentious procedure, because we have to double check each and every function, style and all that yada-yada.

Here is a preview of the categories section:

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Commercial Ads and the Shopping Industry

Commercial advertising is represented in print media, television and radio. Commercials have always been produced to increase sales. From the direct commercials that influence by their representation of edible delights to the indirect ad which titillates the consumer by suggesting how their lives would change if they drive a high end sports car, the commercial ad drives sales.

This is why for every venue in the shopping industry, commercial advertising is prominent.

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Newbie in the marketing industry?

It is extremely important to learn as much as you can about advertising regardless of the size of your business.

There is a reason major brands such as Nike continue to advertise on a regular basis, and it is necessary for all companies to embrace this type of marketing strategy. Getting the word out about a business on the Internet can be quite challenging, even with all of the social networking sites that allow companies to advertise for free.

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Why Webmasters Need the Best Web Directories to Promote Their Sites?

Many years ago, or at least a couple of decades back, web directories were a good resource for finding quality websites. In the days when WebCrawler, AltaVista, Excite and Lycos ruled the search engine world, directories were incredibly useful.

From big, corporate directories like Yahoo to smaller, volunteer-run (but still critically important) directories like DMOZ, these websites offered hand-curated collections of quality websites.

Anyone looking for, say, recipes, would know that going to DMOZ or Yahoo and searching for ‘recipes’ would result in a list of quality recipe sites.

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Online advertising is not a closed institution

Advertising on the Internet used to be a rather simple procedure. Carefully worded ads that described the product or service were noticed by the search engines, and site masters slowly but surely built a targeted customer base. However, the days of merely constructing a website and watching the dollars roll in are long gone.

The fierce competition for niches and the manner in which advertisements are deemed relevant has forced small businesses to use a number of different strategies in order to attract attention.

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What is the point of a web directory?

The website owner cannot afford to ignore their potential benefits altogether, as the volume of web directories continues to grow. While there is much discussion about whether or not there is any benefit to submitting sites to web directories, there are several definite advantages in… doing so.


Good web directories list quality websites, I am speaking about the so called human edited web directories. Knowing this, you can do the math if its beneficial to be or not to be listed in some of them.

There are several types of web directories:

  • There are web directories that are general purpose and serve as a quick means of directing a customer to a service or solution.
  • There are web directories that are devoted to a specific subject area or geographic region.
  • Some furnish content on a subject often to establish authority while others exist to create the largest, centralized collection of subject matter experts or providers for a specific solution.
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Understanding Promotion in the Marketing Mix

What is Promotion?

The promotion of products and services includes communicating with consumers, advertising to them, developing positive public relations, and personally selling to consumers as well. Let’s take a closer look at each of these critical parts of promotion.

Using Communication to Promote Products and Services

Effective communication must take place in order to promote the products and services that businesses offer to consumers. If it is not, then closing out sales tends to not take place. In order for effective communication to occur, companies have to evaluate different forms of communication techniques. Once an evaluation is completed, businesses can choose the best way to communicate with their targeted audience.

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