Academic writing, another way to make money online

The internet has revolutionized almost all aspects of modern life as we know it. The internet today is viewed as much more than just a communication tool. For some people, the world wide web is a goldmine whose bounty has barely been tapped. Nobody really knows the full potential of the internet but there are some who are constantly testing its limits by taking up the different online job opportunities available to them.To make money online, some people have decided to sign up in the many academic writing websites available on the internet. Academic writing is also known as academic research or even assistance. By whatever name it is known as, this way of making money online involves the doing of assignments for other people who are willing to pay handsomely.

For one to qualify as an academic writer, he or she needs to have adequate knowledge on the different referencing styles such as Harvard, Mla, APA and Turabian among other styles. Other than knowledge of the referencing methods, those who make money online through academic writing also need to have well developed analytical skills so as to convert the volumes of research into a condensed paper that meets the specifications of the client.

The tone that is embraced by academic writers is usually professional and dotted with jargon that is relevant to the subject being discussed by the given writer. Like other online writing jobs, academic research is usually time-based and the deadlines greatly vary from two weeks to a few hours.

The amount of compensation that the writer will receive for the job usually depends on the academic level of the requester, the urgency of the job and also the policy of the hosting website regarding commissions charged on earnings.Individuals who make money online through doing this type of writing face a number of challenges in the course of their work. The first challenge is the extremely high level of strictness with which the jobs are scrutinized. In the event that even the smallest mistake is detected, the writer will be fined heavily.Another negative aspect of academic writing jobs is the fact that writers need to be available for revisions 24 hours a day.

Revisions are client requests for some alterations to the content that is in the papers that have been prepared and submitted.Because of its serious nature, those who decide on academic writing as a way to make money online often become extremely anti-social people. This is because the writer begins to view social activities as an obstacle to making money. This practice eventually tires the writer who then becomes exhausted. This is because contrary to popular belief, a sedentary job such as this can be heavily taxing on the body’s resources.While the decision to make money online is innovative and promising, in academic writing, there is an ethical aspect which at times bothers those who do academic writing. This is because the industry directly encourages dishonesty in academics.

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Advantages of advertising on business directories

Business directories like the Yellow Pages have for some time helped many people get information about different businesses and products however; such directories have long been overtaken by events. Currently, many companies are using different online directories to pass information about their products and services to different clients around the world.

Unlike traditional business directories like the Yellow Pages, online directories usually cover wider areas. Basically, the Internet has a global reach and this means that anyone from anywhere in the world can easily get information about a particular product or service that has been posted on any online business directory. This means that by using an online business directory to market your products or services, you will easily be able to reach many clients not only from within your country but also from other parts of the world.

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Is online advertising related in any way to business directories?

Online advertising is also known as internet advertising. It can be defined as the act of making products and services known to the potential users over the internet. Web directories are also known as search directories. They are simply detailed collections of web links that are arranged in a specified criterion that makes looking for information and resources over the internet convenient.

Stop smoking advert.

Online advertising and web directories are rapidly growing marketing tools that are used to advertise different resources and information over the internet. They assist the advertisers to get the largest possible number of web visitors hence building and expanding their brand name and popularity.

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Ways of Making Money Advertising Businesses

It is a well known fact that even the grandest of money making ventures can fall flat if people do not know the product or service that is being pushed. Therefore, it is prudent to device ways in which you can reach your target audience so as to maximize profits and make the venture a worthwhile effort. Making money advertising businesses is one way in which one can make a little extra income whilst advertising other people’s businesses and whatever products or services that they offer. Read more

How to advertise an online business nowadays?

There are many people all over the world with online businesses. In order to ensure that they make profits from it, then they must make use of the advertisements. The online businesses can be advertised in various ways. Here are some ways on how to advertise an online business.

How do you advertise you business?

Business directories

There are various business directories that are a good way of making your online business known. Most of the business directories will give advertising space for such business for free, but one should always be cautious as free is very expensive and might not bring the required benefits. One can increase the chances of being viewed by buying spaces on the most visited pages of the directories by paying some fees. One should choose a business directory where many people will flip the pages.

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Various methods of money making on the Internet

There are quite a few ways to make money online. People that have never done this may be skeptical, but there definitely are some legit ways to get paid. All it takes is some time to research the possibilities that exist. The information below gives some insight on the different online money making methods that are available.

Website Testers

It may sound too good to be true, but there are some companies that actually pay others to find errors on websites. This is usually something that is done for new websites in a post development phase. The site is usually offline during this testing period. Testers will be instructed to look for things on the site like broken links or buttons that do not work. All of the testing allows developers to go back and make the site better for future users.

Freelance Writers

This is one of the more popular ways to make money online. There are a few reputable sites that have some really good ways for people to make money on the internet. This will often involve writing for clients that you may not know anything about. The jobs may be placed inside of a queue where you can pick according to your rating.There are other sites that allow customers to write the articles of their choice. They can post them online and get paid according to the number of hits that they receive.

This is something that pays off more so in the long run. The sites that have articles listed with deadlines will pay quicker, but this is typically a onetime payment. The article is sold and there is no more money to be gained from it. Articles that are posted on websites and paid according to the number of hits can continue to earn money.

Cyber Store

People that know how to promote a product can do well with virtual stores. There are some websites that actually hold the inventory for the cyber store owner. All that owner of this cyber store has to do is direct traffic to the site. This is great because there is no inventory to store. The sales are split between the website and the owner of the virtual store. This is one of the easiest ways to make money if you know how to direct traffic to the site.

Online Surveys

The average person would be surprised that anyone would pay for their opinion. There are so many scam sites that do not pay. It is difficult to sort through the legit sites, but they are out there. There are lots of sites that allow people to log on and take surveys on various topics.

Auto insurance surveys are very popular. General information surveys about shopping habits and consumer tastes are also popular. These surveys are usually lengthy because they are trying to building consumer profiles from the data provider. The money made from these surveys will not allow you to quite your day job, but it is extra money all the same. Read more

Gateway to musical popularity is the newest way to market your music, ideas and more. One is a free multimedia tool that allows music artists to network, stream their music, connect with fans and stay in touch with professionals in the music industry! Using this free multimedia tool, artists can actually run their own website and sell and share their music, allowing them a platform that connects with fans and consumers! can be connected to other social media accounts where music artists might have profiles. here is an example for artists using This allows fans and friends to stay up to date on any new happenings of the artists. Using you can create your own website and actually have the rights to maintain it! One creates a hassle free way for artists to upload heavy content easily and much faster than other social sites. Along with ease of uploading, also helps you create a great impression on first time visitors. They can just visit one site to listen to your music, comment and connect! Instead of browsing through many search results, fans can easily get through to your website right away!

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Submitting websites to thousands of free web directories, still worth it?

We all know that many webmasters in an effort to make their websites rank better in search engines, do a lot of related stuff: write articles about subjects related to their niche, optimize images, minify CSS and JS files etc.

Another thing that used to work well a few years ago was submitting their URL to hundreds of free web directories. Now, for something which is free, these web directories were always subject to spamming. If you check one of these free web directories, I sure you’ll find a lot of websites that are parked, dead, incomplete etc. DMOZ is the one and only free web directory (human edited) and it is the best one.

However, people started to don’t care that much anymore about Google, instead they try to focus on getting… visitors. If you have visitors, you have sales, no matter what you’re selling. We tend to oversee the sources of these visitors… many times a well planned mailing campaign, a nice banner placed on a very related website can send a lot of quality visitors to your website. There are also very good SEO tools like this link directory submitter. If you send your website to thousands of URLS you can get a few hundred visitors on a monthly basis and in my opinion this is an awesome ROI.

All in all, SEO it is not about over doing one thing. There are so many things you have to look for… but maybe the most important thing is to offer quality to your visitors. Read more

Web designing a web directory

As we all know, we live in a world where “how it looks like” and web directories make no exception. Many websites look messy, he text is thrown there without taking care of any synergy or complementarity.

A nice looking website is more trustworthy, I think engages the user to buy what it sells or makes the user more engaged.

Jasminedirectory is build using Tolra’s web directory script and the design is a custom one made by me. Web designers in London are also doing a nice job, I saw a couple of websites designed by them and I loved the final result.

There is a lot to say about web designing, there are so many concepts, techniques, styles etc and there are tons of websites where you can read and learn about web design. Read more

Bring Diligent in the Search for Coupon Codes

If there was a word which best describes the approach you need to take to get the most value out of coupon codes, the word would be diligence. This may seem like an odd word to use to describe the way to procure the best value out of coupon codes but it makes a lot more sense once you truly take a step back and evaluate how coupon codes work.

Basically, in order to stimulate interest on the part of the customer, discounts, deals, and special offers have to constantly be offered. E.g. coupon codes for Kmart. Once discounts and deal offers become “the same old, same old” then the offers start to embody a sense of being stagnant. Does this sound like the appropriate way for a marketer to stimulate sales? The answer is an obvious no.

To make sure that customers are more willing to use the coupon codes (i.e. make a purchase from the sponsor of the coupon codes), new, exciting, and appealing offers have to be made on a consistent basis.

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