5 Tips To Write Articles That Connects With Your Audience

When you’re writing for your audience, you need to go beyond just providing information. Your writing must engage them, encourage interaction and give them what they want to hear.

A compelling article is more than good reading; it makes the reader more likely to click your call-to-action. Use the tips provided to connect with your audience.

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3 Ad Campaigns That Got A Boost From The News (and One That Bombed)

When you’re putting together a marketing campaign it’s crucial to seem relevant. You want your advertising to ride the zeitgeist, to click with what’s going on in people’s heads at any given moment. In this day and age this is something that, frankly, often ends in disaster. Namely when advertisers try to ride whatever the latest meme is by launching a related promotion around six months after the rest of us have got bored of it (Wait until this summer to see a whole raft of Harlem Shake based advertisements).

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Create Your Lovable Marketing: 29 Tips From Brand Experts

Expert advice on how to create the marketing people love, if any function or festival we can share the love through cards, roses and chocolates. So it’s the perfect time to highlight though and easily you can create the marketing people love. The main thing of creating the marketing people love, you have to know the people and then you want to reach in order to make the content that they will create the love of your marketing process.


This is not just behind about the profiles of whom they are, but you have to know exactly which type of people’s they are in the networks. After, that you will create the content that is not all about the landing page for your sale. It will share more details about the company and solve the problem. Then, begin to connect with you and the support of great content that will help you sell the products or services and help them into a customer.

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Expanding your online business through blogging

The fast-paced environment we live in demands that we adapt, and do so quite rapidly and effectively. This, of course, translates into the online market niche as well. Webmasters should always be on the lookout for the things that can generate them more traffic and grant them a stable place in the industry.


Blogging was initially conceived as a way for people to share their ideas in a sort of public online journal. Of course, it started that way but then, in time, migrated towards other uses as well. Nowadays, it’s still mostly used by people to express their thoughts and life experiences on the online medium, but it’s also used for marketing purposes.

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SO, what metrics to consider when submitting a website to web directories?

The Internet is stuffed with information regarding what should be taken into consideration when we send our website to a web directory; other than DMOZ, Yahoo Directory or BOTW (already established directories which don’t really need measurements).

And it’s no wonder given that in today’s world we receive tens of emails from various “SEO experts” nobody’s even heard about; along with perpetuating the idea which states that having as many links as possible is a positive thing (which isn’t false, up to a point).

We also sent our directory to several directories and these were the selection criteria:

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About the usefulness or uselessness of “Best Directories” lists

This morning, while I was drinking my coffee, I was reading about top business directories and an idea came to mind which I had formed some years ago: directory lists are just that – more or less subjective lists.

I say this because it’s very easy to put together a list of 20, 30 or 50 directories by analyzing some specific criteria. What’s hard is keeping said list updated and removing or adding new directories based on their trends.

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The beauty of outsourcing

Whether you have a blog, a website or an online shop – there’s stuff you simply have to do on a regular basis to keep the content fresh, updated and up to certain industry standards. At first, it might be a good idea to handle everything yourself, given the fact that it’s not only profitable to do so, but it gives you some sort of satisfaction seeing your business grow.

However, at one point or the other, everything starts becoming more or less tedious and you might want to consider handing out your workload to someone else. It’s time to think about outsourcing. But, like with anything else, there are good parts and bad parts to it. But what’s the bottom line?

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A brief introduction to content marketing

Quality content is definitely a must for your website, blog or any other online platform in order to generate visibility, credibility and revenue for your business. Content marketing however, constitutes the means and methods through which you exploit said quality content. In this article, we will also take a look into the Social Media aspect of content marketing, the Dos and Don’ts and a few tips and tricks to kick off your business through intelligent methods of promoting your services or products.

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Your email subscribers are going mobile. Are you ready for them?

In a recent study, it has been clearly shown that more and more email subscribers use their mobile platforms to open up email messages. Up until now, webmail and desktop clients were primarily used to read, sort through and respond to emails. But during the last few months, an increase up to 80% was noticeable towards email openings from smartphones and tablets.

The market lead belongs to Apple, primarily due to its availability and popularity. Since the iPhone and iPad have been released, a steady shift towards accessing email accounts from mobile devices has been noticed. Android comes in second, followed by the Windows phones. Desktops and webmail however, are steadily losing the race.

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Google vs web directories

Google’s long-standing policy of ‘Don’t be evil’ can easily be translated through the changes it makes to its algorithms. Some of these changes benefit the end-user; others benefit the providers of web services. Either way, there’s a good balance in-between.

A recent debate was sparked over the search giant’s policies concerning paid directories. Of course, this was a hot subject for webmasters who wondered whether it would still be profitable to invest in sending their websites to those places.

In a nutshell, Google decided to release some algorithms that interfered with most paid directories, severely sanctioning them. Now, this may seem as an unfair decision, but there are some things that people forget to take into account.

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