About the usefulness or uselessness of “Best Directories” lists

This morning, while I was drinking my coffee, I was reading about top business directories and an idea came to mind which I had formed some years ago: directory lists are just that – more or less subjective lists.

I say this because it’s very easy to put together a list of 20, 30 or 50 directories by analyzing some specific criteria. What’s hard is keeping said list updated and removing or adding new directories based on their trends.

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The beauty of outsourcing

Whether you have a blog, a website or an online shop – there’s stuff you simply have to do on a regular basis to keep the content fresh, updated and up to certain industry standards. At first, it might be a good idea to handle everything yourself, given the fact that it’s not only profitable to do so, but it gives you some sort of satisfaction seeing your business grow.

However, at one point or the other, everything starts becoming more or less tedious and you might want to consider handing out your workload to someone else. It’s time to think about outsourcing. But, like with anything else, there are good parts and bad parts to it. But what’s the bottom line?

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A brief introduction to content marketing

Quality content is definitely a must for your website, blog or any other online platform in order to generate visibility, credibility and revenue for your business. Content marketing however, constitutes the means and methods through which you exploit said quality content. In this article, we will also take a look into the Social Media aspect of content marketing, the Dos and Don’ts and a few tips and tricks to kick off your business through intelligent methods of promoting your services or products.

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Your email subscribers are going mobile. Are you ready for them?

In a recent study, it has been clearly shown that more and more email subscribers use their mobile platforms to open up email messages. Up until now, webmail and desktop clients were primarily used to read, sort through and respond to emails. But during the last few months, an increase up to 80% was noticeable towards email openings from smartphones and tablets.

The market lead belongs to Apple, primarily due to its availability and popularity. Since the iPhone and iPad have been released, a steady shift towards accessing email accounts from mobile devices has been noticed. Android comes in second, followed by the Windows phones. Desktops and webmail however, are steadily losing the race.

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Google vs web directories

Google’s long-standing policy of ‘Don’t be evil’ can easily be translated through the changes it makes to its algorithms. Some of these changes benefit the end-user; others benefit the providers of web services. Either way, there’s a good balance in-between.

A recent debate was sparked over the search giant’s policies concerning paid directories. Of course, this was a hot subject for webmasters who wondered whether it would still be profitable to invest in sending their websites to those places.

In a nutshell, Google decided to release some algorithms that interfered with most paid directories, severely sanctioning them. Now, this may seem as an unfair decision, but there are some things that people forget to take into account.

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Google’s New Disavow Links Tool – How Will It Change The Internet?

As you may already know, the latest release from Google is the Disavow Links tool. What this absolutely new webmaster tool enables you to do, is, in fact, to let Google know, which incoming links to your website you want to ignore. This tool was highly anticipated, because hints to its launching were circulating around the Internet for months now. Today, the guys from Webpronews wrote an article about the new Disavow tool.

Naturally, the first question that comes to mind obviously is: How does the Disavow Links tool actually work and how does it help you, as a webmaster?

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Strongest Web directories

What is a web directory?

A web index or link index is a directory on the (WWW) World Wide Web. It focuses in connecting to other sites and classifying those links.

A web directory is not a seek engine and does not exhibit lists of contacts founded on keywords; in its place, it catalogs sites by grouping and sub grouping. The majority web listings entries are not established by web crawlers but by people. The classification is typically based on the entire web site relatively than one page, and sites are frequently limited to addition in only a few groups. Web listings often allow site proprietors to present their site for addition, and have editors assess submissions for strength.

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Internet Marketing on a Non-Existent Budget

There are countless guides available on the general topic of Internet marketing, but the majority of them make the assumption that the reader is working with a decent sized budget. For most start-up businesses and artists, however, this is quite simply not realistic.

There is a big difference between free marketing techniques that are worthwhile and those that are a waste of time, however, and we will explore the best options for growing your brand through a free Internet marketing campaign in the tips listed below.

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Advertising ads for sports related websites

The sports market has always been a large one, and one that businesses should take their best whack at. There is a huge potential for any business that can crack the market, but an advertiser needs to know what will work and what will fail; this is not a market that takes kindly to interlopers, but rewards those that follow its rules with immense rewards.

It only takes a little research to find out if your product will work or not, and then you need to have some fun with the advertising. Sports advertising can be expensive, so it helps to know what you are doing.

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A new layout, more subcategories and a regional section

As I promised a few days ago, in this post, we have worked hard to make Jasmine Directory even better. We have finished with the new layout, which, in my opinion, it’s much more appealing and user friendly than the old one, and now we’re in the process of adding more subcategories to the main ones (e.g. Financial services with a lot of subcategories under the main Business category).

The process it isn’t simple because we have to think logically when it comes to these stuff.

We have also added a new section, the Regional one. This main category is accessible from the homepage both from the main category list and the new interactive world map located on the second slide.

The Regional category breaks down to the six continents, then to countries, and finally to states (USA) or province (Canada). In stage one, we want to create the “bone structure” of the regional category, which means that some continents will not have included all the countries it has (e.g. Africa). This is because we want to keep a minimum level of empty categories.

We have even added websites to the newly created subcategories (official, hospital, financial institutions, police dept. websites etc).

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