5 Facebook Apps To Improve Fan Engagement

Facebook is the world champion in social media. With over 900 million users spread across different demographic, it is an ideal platform to spread an idea or market any business. It guarantees you potential clients no matter what the business or idea you want to pass across. Having fan page is the best place to start as you take the vast opportunities that Facebook has to offer. However, fan engagement is a tool that will determine if Facebook will be of value to you.

There are several ways you can achieve maximum Fan engagement. The most and proven way is the use of Facebook Apps. There are 5 Facebook Apps to Improve Fan Engagement that Fan page owners should have.

One thing you will appreciate about these apps is that they will aid you to build a robust fan base, which in most cases it can take ages.

1. Contest App

One way to engage your fan base is to create a contest. Content App will help any Facebook fan page admin to create contest. The contest can be about photos, videos and even essay submission contest. It is possible to customize your contest including choosing a language for targeted audience for global reach. Other features include setting the duration for the contest and use any of your customized images. It comes with an upgrade option which makes it even more interesting to use. The admin can export data, create a two stage contest and be able to select many winners.

2. Friend Share Deal Reveal

If you are marketing a business, it is always important to run a promotion or have a deal of some kind. The best thing to do is to empower your fan base to share your deals with their circle of friends if any. Friend share deal reveal is the App you need for this purpose. What the app does is to allow the fans get your best offers and easily share it.

3. Group Deal App

If you are promoting business and you have an offer, an e-book for download or any other promotion, you need to have Group deal app. It is one app that is meant to improve traffic and fan engagement. The active participation of a fan is the key for them to unlock and claim any offer or promotion. The participation is measured if the fan reaches the number of registrants required by the admin. For example, an admin can set that for a deal to be unlocked; the fan has to accumulate 60 registrants. If the fan is interested, they will have to share the deal with friends and then redirect to a form which they have to fill. If the same is done by 60 friends he has shared then the deal will be unlocked.

4. Zinzz Contest APP

The main advantage of this app is the opportunity to display your business brand images straight from Zinzz. You can also empower all your fans to load whatever images they have using a “#” you have identify hence pulling in generated user lnstagram photos. This will give them a reason to engage with you fan page. As an admin you can hide whatever image that not relevant to your Facebook page.

5. Social Review App

One thing Facebook fan page need is to be able to comment or review whatever you have on your fan page. The power to offer opinion, testimonies and share has been proved to improve engagement with fans. That is why you need Social review app. What makes this app important is the algorithm it uses that allows the display of relevant comments to specific users. Every user can see comments that are relevant to them hence making them more engaged.

Facebook was meant for people interact. For any Facebook fan page owner, you should make sure interaction is part of your fan page. That is why the above 5 Facebook Apps to Improve Fan Engagement are very important to have. Read more

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