3 Examples Of Unethical Social Campaigns

Every day, social media websites are flooded with traffic. Competition is naturally increasing over time. And for businesses, getting noticed is critical if they are to maintain their ROI. In the frantic rush to get airtime, brands are trying all kinds of weird and wonderful techniques.

The flash mobs that shocked and excited us a few years ago already feel dated and stale; the race is on to come up with new, innovative techniques. But you need to be careful if you work in marketing: the game is changing, and your adience is ready to bite back.

Here are some campaigns that went for big viral impact but got it badly wrong.

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4 Key Dangers Of Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update

Since the beginning of 2013, the search engine optimisation industry has been preparing itself for a new update to Google’s Penguin algorithm. Like all updates, it’s difficult to know what to expect, but Matt Cutts at Google has hinted at a few likely changes. Here are the four danger zones to watch out for.

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The Top 3 Ways To Build A Home Business

Building a home business is a good opportunity to earn from home, where you can control your time to be able to have a balanced personal and work life. Being employed in an 8-hour job makes you miss out on the chance of exploring your own personal passions or taking care of your kids because you are obliged to work 5 or even 6 days a week.

Another good reason for venturing into a home business is the financial freedom it can provide once you succeed. The more you work on your business, the more you will earn. This is not true in the corporate world, where you receive a fixed monthly salary and has to compete with a dozen employees for a promotion.

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SEO: 10 Ways to Kill Your Landing Pages

When you are known about the landing pages and most of the online marketers are thinking about to use the pay-per-click.

This the best way of input to the destination URL into the search engine such as Google, Bing and any other search engine because it offering to allow the marketers to drive the keywords based on the targeted traffic resource to maintain the hopefully to optimize the landing page.

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8 Tips For Promoting Your Business With Facebook Page

Facebook overthrows the way many firms communicate with their customers and promote their businesses. It's really a powerful tool which allows you to reach millions of customers for free. Not only the big brands succeed in Facebook, but even small family firms disclose their potential finding new clients in their environment.

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Marketer’s Guide to Excellent Site Structure AND Search Engines Love

If you have a business website or any other website, then you have a certain steps that you want the visitors to take and make the action either purchase the products or services. Otherwise, they learn about your product or services, then performing the sort of things. Whether the people or visitors are actually reach those goals and how to navigate the visitors through your business website.

The best website are created with the clean understanding about the visitors interest, requirements and what they expectation based on these criteria they can build the website most probably the website will be supported to the visitor requirements.

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PPC for Small Businesses

Pay per Click or what we have widely known for its short term as PPC is a quick and easy way to earn money online. With it, you are simply requested to bid for words or key phrases that report for your product, service or industry.

PPC for small businesses could be a fantastic way to leap your way into the internet marketing arena with both of your feet. With using PPC as a tool in marketing, you will be able to control many factors at the heart of your business marketing strategy. Of course if you are doing a business online, you would want this to click on search engines.

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The Advantages Of Online Marketing Videos


Standing out in a crowd is not easy, but some businesses have discovered an intelligent yet creative way of standing out. This particular method is low in cost, effective, and risk free. What is this creative and intelligent way? Online Video Marketing. Online video marketing brings your business closer to the public. When your business creates online videos, you create a personal relationship with a public that you have never met. Since there are millions of people on the internet looking at videos online, you could possibly increase your exposure by millions. If this is not enough to get you going, let’s go over some advantages for online video marketing.

Branding Your Business

Online Video Marketing creates a personalized brand of your business. This is a creative way to provide a face for potential customers to see. When you create corporate videos you have the artistic freedom to represent your company in whatever way you see fit. People will relate the video to your brand, and they will become familiar with your business.

Closer to the People

When you decide to do online video marketing; this is a chance for your business to show the people just how you can help them. It is a chance for you to relate to the public so they can in turn offer their loyalty. Business psychologist share with businesses that marketing is not only about cleverness, but extensive research. Find out what your possible customers are looking for and market to them specifically. Playing your own devil’s advocate actually makes you look more credible. Look for obvious holes and resolve them. Videos are an easy way to get this task done, and doing so will show them you are a trustworthy company.

Saves your Business Money

Creating hip, yet informative videos for your business is a very low cost marketing method. You can usually use your business as a studio or set. You combine this with your creativity and the possibilities become endless. You will not have to spend all the money you would normally spend on a marketing project, and it could produce favorable results.

Your Business Could Gain Tons of Exposure

One of the greatest things that could happen, is your video could go viral. When this happens your popularity grows by the millions. This will bring in all kinds of business and could lead to other positive exposure for your business. Let’s face it; the possibility of your video not going viral is always there. However, if you make your video, one that is evergreen it will stand the test of time. It will still continue to gain exposure and bring business for years to come.

Online video marketing is an affordable option for any small or large business to take advantage of. With a plan and a touch of creativity, your corporate video production could bring in numerous customers. They will have a sense of who you are, what you do and what you can offer them. With the potential benefits that online video marketing could provide, it seems impractical not to give it a try. Read more

How To Save Money Shopping Online

Some people enjoy shopping online for a wide range of different items. Online shopping provides the shopper with choices from retail stores and manufacturer all over the world. From the best barbeque in the world to purchasing a car, people can buy virtually anything that they want or like from companies and individuals. Saving money takes skill, however, so there is some valuable information that people can benefit from knowing. Listed below is some information that can help even the savviest shopper save more money.

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The Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies For 2013 For You

With the rapid growth in social networking as well as mobile devices, the way in which people are using the Internet is changing. The year 2013 means some big opportunities for affiliate marketers. They need to figure out some effective affiliate marketing strategies for 2013 in order to take advantage of this change. A few of these are detailed here.

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