8 Tips For Promoting Your Business With Facebook Page

Facebook overthrows the way many firms communicate with their customers and promote their businesses. It's really a powerful tool which allows you to reach millions of customers for free. Not only the big brands succeed in Facebook, but even small family firms disclose their potential finding new clients in their environment.

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Marketer’s Guide to Excellent Site Structure AND Search Engines Love

If you have a business website or any other website, then you have a certain steps that you want the visitors to take and make the action either purchase the products or services. Otherwise, they learn about your product or services, then performing the sort of things. Whether the people or visitors are actually reach those goals and how to navigate the visitors through your business website.

The best website are created with the clean understanding about the visitors interest, requirements and what they expectation based on these criteria they can build the website most probably the website will be supported to the visitor requirements.

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PPC for Small Businesses

Pay per Click or what we have widely known for its short term as PPC is a quick and easy way to earn money online. With it, you are simply requested to bid for words or key phrases that report for your product, service or industry.

PPC for small businesses could be a fantastic way to leap your way into the internet marketing arena with both of your feet. With using PPC as a tool in marketing, you will be able to control many factors at the heart of your business marketing strategy. Of course if you are doing a business online, you would want this to click on search engines.

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The Advantages Of Online Marketing Videos


Standing out in a crowd is not easy, but some businesses have discovered an intelligent yet creative way of standing out. This particular method is low in cost, effective, and risk free. What is this creative and intelligent way? Online Video Marketing. Online video marketing brings your business closer to the public. When your business creates online videos, you create a personal relationship with a public that you have never met. Since there are millions of people on the internet looking at videos online, you could possibly increase your exposure by millions. If this is not enough to get you going, let’s go over some advantages for online video marketing.

Branding Your Business

Online Video Marketing creates a personalized brand of your business. This is a creative way to provide a face for potential customers to see. When you create corporate videos you have the artistic freedom to represent your company in whatever way you see fit. People will relate the video to your brand, and they will become familiar with your business.

Closer to the People

When you decide to do online video marketing; this is a chance for your business to show the people just how you can help them. It is a chance for you to relate to the public so they can in turn offer their loyalty. Business psychologist share with businesses that marketing is not only about cleverness, but extensive research. Find out what your possible customers are looking for and market to them specifically. Playing your own devil’s advocate actually makes you look more credible. Look for obvious holes and resolve them. Videos are an easy way to get this task done, and doing so will show them you are a trustworthy company.

Saves your Business Money

Creating hip, yet informative videos for your business is a very low cost marketing method. You can usually use your business as a studio or set. You combine this with your creativity and the possibilities become endless. You will not have to spend all the money you would normally spend on a marketing project, and it could produce favorable results.

Your Business Could Gain Tons of Exposure

One of the greatest things that could happen, is your video could go viral. When this happens your popularity grows by the millions. This will bring in all kinds of business and could lead to other positive exposure for your business. Let’s face it; the possibility of your video not going viral is always there. However, if you make your video, one that is evergreen it will stand the test of time. It will still continue to gain exposure and bring business for years to come.

Online video marketing is an affordable option for any small or large business to take advantage of. With a plan and a touch of creativity, your corporate video production could bring in numerous customers. They will have a sense of who you are, what you do and what you can offer them. With the potential benefits that online video marketing could provide, it seems impractical not to give it a try. Read more

How To Save Money Shopping Online

Some people enjoy shopping online for a wide range of different items. Online shopping provides the shopper with choices from retail stores and manufacturer all over the world. From the best barbeque in the world to purchasing a car, people can buy virtually anything that they want or like from companies and individuals. Saving money takes skill, however, so there is some valuable information that people can benefit from knowing. Listed below is some information that can help even the savviest shopper save more money.

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The Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies For 2013 For You

With the rapid growth in social networking as well as mobile devices, the way in which people are using the Internet is changing. The year 2013 means some big opportunities for affiliate marketers. They need to figure out some effective affiliate marketing strategies for 2013 in order to take advantage of this change. A few of these are detailed here.

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Explore The Truth Behind “Wordiness” And How It Kills Academic Writing Form

The first time I wrote a coursework for my English Literature course, it came back with the following comments. “Good arguments however hard to figure out in the rambling forest of words’. One of my MBA professors at Cardiff always insisted, I read your answers to the questions not without a dictionary. That’s right the aim of good academic writing is to use the most effective words to portray your view point. Very often while writing we end up using words which are unnecessary and hence better to be deleted.

So here are some ways in which you can improve your academic writing and make it more concise.

Use specific and strong words instead of numerous vague ones

Many a times while writing we end up using numerous words which are small and at best vague to convey our thoughts. This can end up making your writing ineffective as the reader will lose interest or your message will get lost in the “milieu of words’. Hence the more precise words you use the more effective your writing will be. You have to remember that due to the range of adjectives, nouns etc. Available, most items will have synonym that can relate your views clearly. Hence make use of a thesaurus as it can help you to find the precise word to convey the message. You can see some examples:

Veronica had this thought in her mind but was not very sure that Richard liked her. (16 words)

Veronica assumed Richard liked her (5 words)

Our brochure will provide you a number of things that will enable you to make a decision as to which product is best suited for your requirements (27 words)

Our brochure gives you information to choose a product as per your requirement. (13 words)

Cross examine each word in your document

Always read your document once as it’s complete and necessary to ensure that there are no dead weight words floating around. One of the common methods I employ is to leave my document for a couple of hours and then read it. This allows you to refresh your mind and makes your editing more clear and concise. Look for sentences that go on forever as those are the biggest culprits and need to be trimmed immediately. Each word in a sentence has to deliver something important and unique, if it does not, delete it.

Short is not always sweet!

Many a times we end up writing several short sentences which employ a lot of words which are unnecessary. So look for information that does not need a full sentence construct, and insert it into another sentence. This allows you to reduce the wordiness and keeps the value of your information intact. Some examples are as below:

Shakespeare’s plays are an amazing marriage of love and great writing. When he died, he had written over 34 plays. (20 words)

Shakespeare’s 37 plays are an amazing marriage of love and great writing. (12 words)

Always remember, if you can streamline your verbiage your end message can become stronger and more efficient. Hence if you eliminate some of the surplus expressions from your writing it can deliver a message to your reader which is worth reading. Read more

Ways To Promote Your Charity (You Haven’t Thought Of Yet)

The first and biggest challenge of any charity, non-profit or third sector organisation is to getting the message out there about what they are doing. There are traditional ways of doing this – posters, TV ads, having somebody stand on a busy high street with a clip board and annoy people who are trying to get elsewhere.

However, with careful use of technology and psychology you can find much ore subtle and effective ways of letting people know you exist.

QR Codes

QR codes started off as a novelty only ever really used by people in marketing. Nowadays however they’re starting to transform into something people naturally use. The fact is, people see a QR code and get curious, particularly if there’s a compelling image or message alongside it. Place a QR code somewhere it’s likely to get notices and link it to your non-profit’s website and you’ll soon have visitors pouring in.


Twitter hashtag campaigns are a risky business, especially since you leave it open to being subverted. However people are usually sympathetic towards hashtags used to promote good causes. The most successful hashtags are the ones that give people a chance to talk about themselves (because even at their best people on social media are raging egotists), so for instance, if you’re a charity that works with home carers, a hashtag that gives people a chance to talk about their best experiences with home carers would be a good place to start.

Profile Pic Campaigns

Last year everybody on Facebook changed their pictures to their favourite children’s character to raise awareness for the NSPCC. When this year’s Oscars ignored the contribution of struggling underpaid special effects firms, people in their droves turned their profile pictures to blank green squares in protest. If you have a strong visual concept and a message people identify with then you can get your message to reach millions this way.

Wristbands and Ribbons

While social media is a powerful tool, nothing can quite compete with a physical reminder. Various colours of wristband and ribbon have raised awareness of everything from human rights issues to fighting cancer. Whether you’re a large organisation like the RPSCA or a fairly small start-up one like the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust, it’s worth spending a little money to create the little souvenirs that people can use to show solidarity with your cause.

A Bake Sale

And finally, a properly old school suggestion. People like supporting good causes, and they like cake. Cake is easy to make and really only involves fairly cheap ingredients. Make lots of cakes, sell them to raise money for your cause. It’s an old idea, but one that’s become reinvigorated with events such as Amnestea.

So embrace the new technology, really, there’s a lot of good it can do for your non-profit, but don’t forget that the old techniques have lasted so long for a reason! Read more

5 Facebook Apps To Improve Fan Engagement

Facebook is the world champion in social media. With over 900 million users spread across different demographic, it is an ideal platform to spread an idea or market any business. It guarantees you potential clients no matter what the business or idea you want to pass across. Having fan page is the best place to start as you take the vast opportunities that Facebook has to offer. However, fan engagement is a tool that will determine if Facebook will be of value to you.

There are several ways you can achieve maximum Fan engagement. The most and proven way is the use of Facebook Apps. There are 5 Facebook Apps to Improve Fan Engagement that Fan page owners should have.

One thing you will appreciate about these apps is that they will aid you to build a robust fan base, which in most cases it can take ages.

1. Contest App

One way to engage your fan base is to create a contest. Content App will help any Facebook fan page admin to create contest. The contest can be about photos, videos and even essay submission contest. It is possible to customize your contest including choosing a language for targeted audience for global reach. Other features include setting the duration for the contest and use any of your customized images. It comes with an upgrade option which makes it even more interesting to use. The admin can export data, create a two stage contest and be able to select many winners.

2. Friend Share Deal Reveal

If you are marketing a business, it is always important to run a promotion or have a deal of some kind. The best thing to do is to empower your fan base to share your deals with their circle of friends if any. Friend share deal reveal is the App you need for this purpose. What the app does is to allow the fans get your best offers and easily share it.

3. Group Deal App

If you are promoting business and you have an offer, an e-book for download or any other promotion, you need to have Group deal app. It is one app that is meant to improve traffic and fan engagement. The active participation of a fan is the key for them to unlock and claim any offer or promotion. The participation is measured if the fan reaches the number of registrants required by the admin. For example, an admin can set that for a deal to be unlocked; the fan has to accumulate 60 registrants. If the fan is interested, they will have to share the deal with friends and then redirect to a form which they have to fill. If the same is done by 60 friends he has shared then the deal will be unlocked.

4. Zinzz Contest APP

The main advantage of this app is the opportunity to display your business brand images straight from Zinzz. You can also empower all your fans to load whatever images they have using a “#” you have identify hence pulling in generated user lnstagram photos. This will give them a reason to engage with you fan page. As an admin you can hide whatever image that not relevant to your Facebook page.

5. Social Review App

One thing Facebook fan page need is to be able to comment or review whatever you have on your fan page. The power to offer opinion, testimonies and share has been proved to improve engagement with fans. That is why you need Social review app. What makes this app important is the algorithm it uses that allows the display of relevant comments to specific users. Every user can see comments that are relevant to them hence making them more engaged.

Facebook was meant for people interact. For any Facebook fan page owner, you should make sure interaction is part of your fan page. That is why the above 5 Facebook Apps to Improve Fan Engagement are very important to have. Read more

How Social Media Can Push Your Domain Sales

Regardless of pushing one excellent top-level domain, or 300 ccTLD’s, social media can be the ideal platform for harvesting interested buyers – if your efforts are amicable. Without suggesting NamePros, Warrior Forums or Sedo are poor platforms, having secondary avenues for selling unused domain names means faster sales potential.

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