The amazing cliff top monasteries from Greece

Greece has two of the most important orthodox monasteries in the world: the Monasteries of Athos and the Monasteries of Meteora. In Greece, the Church is one of the most important state institutions. The Greeks are known all over the world for their outstanding churches, monasteries and chapels. In fact, the legends say that some islands have more churches than houses.

Meteora means suspended in the air, because indeed, the 6 monasteries encompassed in this compound are situated on top of the strange, but breathtaking pinnacles that rise towards the sky, just beyond the town of Kalampaka, in the northeast corner of Thessaly. 64 gigantic rocks rise from the ground in the heart of northern Greece. The magnificent landscape has been sculpted by wind and water over thousands of years.
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Body modifications: tattoos, body piercing and scarification

Body modification is not a very modern trend, as the young think. Tattoos, piercing and scarification originate in Africa, South Asia and Middle East. History shows that tattoos have always been associated with paganism, shamanism, heathen (Baal worship) and occult mysticism. A shaman is an intermediary between the natural and the supernatural worlds, who is in direct contact with spirits.

Tribal people used to decorate their bodies with images that were thought to be able to banish the evil from their village. Tattooing was often a magical rite, linked to scarification and the tattooing process involved complex rituals and taboos, known only to the shaman and his tribe.
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How To Build Local Links For Your Law Firm

If you're looking for a way to get a hand up over your local competitors, local link building is the way to go.

Many people are overlooking it in their internet marketing strategies, and it can easily be much more rewarding than simply focusing all of your efforts on general link building.

Localization is starting to play a bigger and bigger role in search engine result pages as well as other GPS enabled services on mobile devices.

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What Is The Hummingbird Update?

Google released a Hummingbird update in September and nobody noticed until they announced it in October.

Interestingly, this is also the first time since 2001 that the search algorithm has changed so dramatically. Hummingbird is an evolved form of the previous algorithm and the goal for Google is to return much better results to its users that are relevant and useful. The name Hummingbird was chosen because this update is supposed to be, “precise and fast”.

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Become A Power User And Get Your Content Noticed

Whether you want to promote your own blog, website, or work at an agency and want to boost a clients web hits, there are a number of avenues you can go down.

One is some good old fashioned PR. Do something different and tell the press all about it. A tactic a number of UK companies apply is to do some research and publish the results. Headlines such as “68% of business leaders prefer Twitter over Facebook as a marketing tool”are bound to get a number of technology news sites publishing your content.

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Coupons And E-Commerce – The Stats Behind The Campaigns

When companies want to promote their business, many use online discounts and coupons instead of the usual above-the-line media or outdoor advertising.

The reason is simple it is quick, it is measurable and it has the potential to really take off and encourage sales. What is the most effective way to run an online discount or coupon campaign in an already saturated market such as social media? What are the factors which contribute to the success or failure (or even backfire) of a promotion?

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To all owners of “best web directory” lists…

I am addressing this post to a few web directory owners out there.

As we all know, the era when anyone could install a directory script on a $10 shared hosting, import some categories and listings from DMOZ - all these to get a PR of 4-5 - is now over. Or, at least, I hope it is so, just as I hope that the manner in which such people advertised their directories - let's recall the times of 'Best Directory, listing only for $5' - is gone.

It is my hope that during the last few years webmasters, small business owners and SEO companies have realized that those directories are nothing but SPAM, and that they all violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

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Strengthen Your Internet Technology Beyond The Internal Systems

Companies invest heavily on computers and equipment to manage their day-to-day activities. When computers and mobile devices are involved, you can be sure to invest in security measures such as firewalls, antivirus software, encryption software, etc. too. But, you might be forgetting that Internet security goes beyond these internal things. Here are more tips to secure your technology.

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Social Media: Brands Make Social Media Management Top Priority

Social Media Usage There tend to be other signs in which smaller organizations are set to raise their usage associated with social media in the future. The survey revealed that four times more small business owners have increased their social networking budgets through SEO Company, compared to those who have taken money away from the marketing route.

Although I was pretty accustomed to social media on the personal level, its different when you’re with it for business, Violet Tremblay, owner of Painting and Pinot, told Vertical Response. There’s more pressure to do it right, to do it regularly and also to do it strategically.

Ebrandz recently documented that brand making via custom content is starting to become a top priority for small business owners. A report by Manta revealed in which content marketing endeavors are moving in advance of traditional outreach attempts, with 90 percent of small enterprises dedicating time to help making connections on the web.

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How Can You Outsource Your Email In 5 Easy Steps

Email is the bane of my existence. I dread my inbox like most people fear the dentist, or public speaking.

It wasn’t always this way. I remember back in the day when I used to love checking my email. But nowadays, I just get way too much. It’s no fun anymore. Instead of a nice email from my mom just to say hi, and a dinner party invite from a friend, I get hundreds of requests, proposals, questions, and decisions that need to be made.

This is a common problem for bloggers and people who run their business online. At some point you have got to find a way to outsource it.

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